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The Reguar People’s OB March 15, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 6:27 pm

So, today was the first appointment with the regular people’s OB. She promptly referred me to a perinatologist. I will be seeing both doctors from the sounds of it. Which is cool with me, because why wouldn’t I want more doctors with scary sounding titles?

In other OB appointment related news. The nurse couldn’t find the heartbeat. She got snatches of it, like I do at home, but the baby wouldn’t stay still long enough to actually get a heart rate. So, because I have a Very-Active-Baby I got an ultrasound. Also, baby is very active. Which would explain feeling the movement so early.

After epic fail on the doppler front, the OB came in, twiddled around in my bits and said I want you to get an ultrasound and see perinatologist. She then left. I assume the twiddling about my bits was a pap smear. Not completely sure. She also ordered that all of my blood be removed, one tiny purple vial at a time. We stopped at six, because blood is necessary for you know, staying alive.

Ultrasound tech was very nice. I got my first abdominal u/s in like 10 years. Baby was moving like crazy. U/S tech almost couldn’t find the heart, but she did with the nifty color flow. Beating 150bpm. P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Then she told me my baby has a big head (bitch!). Also, I THINK I saw schmeckel. Obviously, can’t be sure, was probably umbilical cord. 99% sure it was something entirely else, but I clearly saw two kicking legs and what looked suspiciously like schmeckel between them. It probably wasn’t. But… getting boy’ish feelings about this one.

Overall… It took 2 hours to get half of the information from the regular people’s OB as it took 45 minutes to get from the RE. I so miss the RE’s office. But, not going to complain, I am in the second trimester, with a healthy baby.


8 Responses to “The Reguar People’s OB”

  1. jill Says:

    Very active baby sounds like good news to me! 🙂 Haha @ “schmeckel”! Now I’m curious if that is developed enough to see at 14 weeks…

  2. MEG. Says:

    Second Trimester! OMG! Are we in the Twilight Zone? I swear you announced your pregnancy just yesterday. Huge congrats on this milestone.

    I hope you’re able to get some video footage of Sprout bustin’ a move at some point. That would be fun to see. =)

    Look at you movin’ on up to the Regular People’s OB and sheee-it. Good job. =)

  3. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Yay for the second trimester and for a great view of your little one! I’m just sorry it took so long.

    I did chuckle at your vampire doc… removing all your blood, one vial at a time. I have certainly felt that way in the past.

  4. K Says:

    Yay for u/s usage. I love any excuse to take a peek. And yeah, sometimes you *can* see boy bits as early as 13 weeks depending on angle etc. At 13 weeks I saw nothing but I know others who had seen something with their own little ones.

    congrats on tri 2!

  5. Jenn Says:

    YAY! Yours wiggles alot too … so weird… I think its because the baby is all like… “hey I know! I can scare the crap out of mom by danceing all over the place right when they stick that thing on her belly. yes I’ll do that” : ) A smeckle huh? My mom thinks she sees one on my ultra sound too… I think its the cord… but what do I know?

    Ps. Isn’t the regular peoples OB wierd?!

  6. Jenn Says:

    Hey Minta! No go ahead use the pattern… I stole it from someone else. Its a really cute blankie and every baby needs a cute blankie : )… incase the pattern confuses you like it did to me here is a site that I found helpful. : )

    ( ^ not the exact pattern, but the begining came out looking WAY better. )

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