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A Monday Type List March 29, 2010

OK, in a rush and not too much to say anyway…

– Moving: 85% done. Small stuff left. Was not allowed to lift anything all weekend. Felt like a great lump. But, GO G!!! That man deserves a medal.

– Work: Sucks so much ass. Cannot wait to leave this place.

– House: So much to do. So much money to spend, gah!

– Pregnancy: Nothing new to report. Very busy over the weekend, baby not very active over the weekend. Kind of worried about the effects of moving stress on bebe. Trying not to worry about it. I’m only 16 weeks. Most women don’t feel the first movement until 18-20 weeks. Not feeling doesn’t mean anything right now… Wash, rinse and repeat.


3 Responses to “A Monday Type List”

  1. woooo!!!! at this point, having not much new to report on the pregnancy front is probably good news!! I”m just so thrilled for you that this pregnancy is going so well!!

    Especially since I’m living vicariously through you right now!! 😛

    Good luck in the new house!!

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I am already beginning to understand the lump feeling… My co-workers aren’t letting me do much of anything anymore. I’m sure they’ll get that out of their systems soon enough.

    I hope that getting settled in your new place goes quickly and your stress level starts to ease a bit soon.

  3. lillyshephard Says:

    thanks for your comment on my blog…and yes, try not to stress about not feeling your baby so much…as even at almost 40wks i have days when she’s quiet and days when she’s really active…16wks is early (and so fun!) to feel your little one, so i hope you don’t stress too much and are able to enjoy!

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