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Full Term April 1, 2010

Filed under: Miscarriage,Spring Baby — arminta @ 7:55 pm

My spring baby, the one I lost in September would be full term this week. If born today he/she could have thrived, not just survive. But instead my body killed my spring baby and he/she will neither thrive nor survive.

Even as I near the halfway point (3 more weeks) with Sprout the ghosts of babies and pregnancies that should have been haunt me. Will it never stop? Will I never wake up without the feeling that I’m missing something important? How will I ever be able to explain to this baby that they aren’t really #1, they’re really #7?


One Response to “Full Term”

  1. MEG. Says:

    God, Minta. I simply cannot even fathom the pain. My heart hurts to know that you must live with it on a daily basis.

    There is really nothing more I can say that can even come close to touching these depths. *hugs*

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