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Minta the Grouch April 8, 2010

So, I saw the dietitian this week. Something that probably should have been newsworthy, but alas my writing mojo and also energy levels are conspiring against my blogging habits. Also, some people dumped me this week 😦 Which bummed me out a little. But, I must say, I’ve dumped many a pregnant broad my damn self, so I should shut up and deal with it. But, I must admit that I do have a little bit of an unpopular girl side to me (which is odd considering that in high school I was actually quite popular, just not a member of the cool kids clique, although I was friends with and socialized with kids from just about every clique in school), I always feel a bit left out and like people are talking about me behind my back. So, when I don’t get views/comments or followers dump me, I sometimes take it far too personally. Especially considering that this is more of a journal than actual account of anything that is terribly interesting to anyone who isn’t me. Anyhoo, I’ve decided to get out of my funk and write even though my mojo is still missing.

So, what’s up?

– Dietitian: I saw her. She was nice. She was complementary about my weight gain (18 weeks & 5lbs, go me!). She said I was eating OK. She was not a fan of my meatless ways (so not a real vegetarian, just kind of grossed out by the smell and look of meat these days). She gave me a diet that is way too much food. Which brought light to the fact that my weight gain is so small because I’m not really eating enough. Because I’m not hungry anymore. Hey, I’ve got more than enough blubber to feed the Sproutling for a few months! (Yes, I KNOW that not REALLY how it works.)

– Grouchiness: I gots it. Big freaking time. Maybe it’s the new carb free (not really) diet. Maybe it’s the hormones. Maybe it’s the fact that this week I realized that I have to get this thing back out of my body!!! Maybe it’s because G is scared of me being scared. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting a lot of snide little comments from people. Maybe it’s because I have to pierce my skin six times a day with a dull needle. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

– Work: THE SUCK… Also, in looking at finances: scary, ow, scary, don’t want to be disciplined!

– Finances: Actually not as bad as stated above, just very frightened at the prospect of losing all of that disposable DINK cash that’s been allowing us to pretty much do whatever we want. So frightened that there’s been talk of my working part time. Or, taking in some kids during the week. Like the C’s x3 (You know, Big C, Little C and New We’re Assuming C). Oy F’ing Vey!

– Pregnancy: I feel kicks everyday now!!! So ecstatic!!! Big appointments on Monday!!! Hopefully there will be an inney/outey announcement soon!!!!

OK, am now taking sugar before I pitch my salad and go for a shake! (Before you judge me… my after breakfast sugar was 80, I obviously need some carbs!)

More to come on IDK more stuff, later 🙂

***** Update: Feeling far more justified in breaking my diet. My after lunch reading was 74. This diet obviously does not agree with me. *****


6 Responses to “Minta the Grouch”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I’m sorry the grouchies have gotten a hold of you. I’ve had some progesterone driven grouchies lately too. The money aspect is a little scary isn’t it? We’ve been doing some figuring too, and I know we’ll be okay, but no more eating out two or three times a week. Yay for feeling the sproutling moving around!

  2. Hooray for kicks!!

    As for the grouchies- I think it’s catching this week! Earlier this week and the end of last I was BIIIIIT-CHEE. I was so cranky I didn’t even want to be around myself, let alone have other people put up with me- I don’t know how anyone did!!

    And for losing followers- pfffffffft. Forget ’em! At least you still have me right??!! 😛

    Sending a virtual hug to chase away the grouchies!!

  3. Jenn Says:

    Yay for kicks!! 🙂 You get to find out a whole week before me! I’m so jelous!!! lol. Good luck with the grouchieness. At least its not sobbing attacks. : )

  4. Krystal Says:

    I’m sorry people dumped you. Rest assured that the coolest of us are still here reading along with you. ; )

    I’m hoping to know SOON what you’re having, too! I’m on the edge of my seat!

    Good luck with the dietician’s diet! They can be kind of demanding, I’ve heard! ugh

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