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MFM’ing Debacle April 12, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 9:02 pm

So, here’s the deal I saw two doctors today. Not one, but two. I saw the OB who said: Yeah everything looks fine. MFM will do growth scan this afternoon. You cool with delivering at hospital where your cuz was treated like shit? No, well, I’ll make sure they don’t treat you like shit. OK, then see ya in a month.

Then I saw the MFM who said… nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. He said he didn’t think I was supposed to see him today, just the dietitian. But, no appt was scheduled with him before her, and also when scheduling appt with her was told to see u/s tech, then dietitian, then the doctor last. When I showed up today it was just about the dietitian. But then the doctor decided he wanted to see me afterall to chastise me for I shit you not two wonky sugar readings. Very good reason for both: I drank lemonade and had desert. Should I have done that? No, I shouldn’t. But… hello we’re talking twice in three weeks with PERFECT numbers in between. So, anyway, whatever. I shouldn’t have indulged, it’s his job to tell me not to break my diet. It’s also his job to schedule a three hour fasting blood glucose for 20 weeks (which he didn’t do), discuss my bloodwork from last visit (nope) and answer any question I have (out of the room before I even had a chance to ask). He was also supposed to perform a growth scan today according to the appointment that was set up three weeks ago AND the letter he sent to my OB, also not done.

So, I’m kind of pissed. I’m feeling a lot like this guy is complete waste of my time. He’s not doing anything especially well special for me or the baby. He is singularly obsessed with my blood sugar and preventing a giganto GD baby. Which would be fine if say he were actually checking the babies growth and at least being concerned with the rest of my and babies well being. But, he’s not. And his office is a disorganized mess. And, he’s terribly unprofessional (personal phone calls and lunch during appointments…). And, my OB (who I’ve now seen a grand total of 5 times including all GYN and OB visits) thinks very highly of him, which kind of diminishes my confidence in her. Which of course, by “kind of” I mean”really.”

I’m now debating about whether to find a new MFM or a new MFM AND a new OB. Well, the OB is less of a new one and more of a go back to my old one that disappeared, but that G recently found for me (because he rocks)… Any suggestions?


4 Responses to “MFM’ing Debacle”

  1. Krystal Says:

    First of all, I think you should deliver at the hospital I work at. I’d treat you right, I promise! lol

    Second, I’d change MFM docs, probably. He sounds like a douche.

    Third, I wouldn’t let the fact that your OB thinks highly of Dr.Douche deter you from seeing her. She may know him in a professional sense, and not in a patient sense. He may well be a great doctor with terrible bedside manner, but she’d never know about the bedside manner. That’s just my thought.

    Then again, if you aren’t particularly attached to her and would prefer your old OB, don’t hesitate to go back to him/her. A warning, though: Try not to be too much of a doc hopper. They’ll label you faster than you could even imagine!

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I just have one thing to say… you need to feel confident in your medical care. If you don’t, run for the hills!

  3. I’m COMPLETELY with Mrs. Gamgee- if you don’t feel 100% confident in the care you’re receiving- run your ass as fast as you can away from them!!

  4. Jen Says:

    : ( I would raise your concern to your OB. Maybe OB thinks so highly of MFM because she doesn’t know how she treats paitents. Its not right that your getting talked to for two slip ups and not getting the scan you sceduled three weeks in advance. I would look for a new MFM, and I would start by telling your OB what is going on. *hug* Hang in there.

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