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I’m Considering Myself Punished April 29, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant,The Fear — arminta @ 2:18 pm

So… this morning I woke up to wet. Sweet smelling wet. Watery, textureless, sweet smelling wet. Every. Freaking. Where. (OK, everywhere was really just my underwear and a little on my sheet, but it was enough to freak me out.)

Naturally, I went to work.

Because, it can’t be bad if I’m at work, right. They’ll tell me not to worry and come in on Monday as scheduled. Not right. No, the nurse on call said “come in right away it might be amniotic fluid!” Because that definitely calms an anxious mother. So, I got there, she did the ph test, not amniotic fluid… WHEW! Just a yeast infection. No big deal, then. Great.

But, just for shits and giggles let’s take the vitals. OK, whatevs, my vitals are perfect for a skinny chick, they are normally CRAZY good for a fat girl. Except today. Today my BP was 150/110. So, let’s wait 10 and take again… 140/111. Mother fucker! There is now talk of admitting me into the hospital. FUCK!

So, I walk my happy ass to L&D making calls as I go “Come home, I’m in the hospital.” & “Cancel my meetings for today.” & “Can’t pick up the C’s, being admitted.” etc… I get there, and the nurse starts trying to run an NST. I’m 21 weeks. It doesn’t work. I freak out because hello, she’s acting like there’s a problem. Then she says “you sure you’re due on 5/10?” (Well, I would have been if that baby hadn’t died…) Uh, no I’m due 9/10. “Oh, you can’t do a NST on a 21 weeker!” (I refrained from strangling her)

Then she started my continuous pressures… 105/64… 103/58… 104/55. Anything look a little odd here? Yeah, they’re SPOT ON F’ing perfect. So, the nurse says “they did your pressure wrong, your arm isn’t shaped so that you can do it on top, there’s nothing wrong with you let me go find a dr.”

She found a doctor, he let me go home.

But, I’m taking this event as my “don’t go counting your chickens just yet” warning. Duly noted. Please don’t send anymore helpful warnings my way…


7 Responses to “I’m Considering Myself Punished”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Holy Sheep Dip, girl! Can I come kick those nurses’ tails for you? Pretty please?

    Hang in there and breathe deep…

  2. Krystal Says:

    Oh, honey! That is terrifying. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the title, my stomach dropped to the floor. But I’m glad that there’s nothing to worry about other than retarded nurses. As a nurse myself, I apologize. Maybe your BP was high because you were freaked out? I don’t know. But I’m glad everything’s ok now.

  3. Jenn Says:

    Scary! but your evevated BP was most likely due to the fact that you had just had the shit scared out of you!! Glad everything is fine. Now take it easy and put up your feet. You aren’t being punished. : )

  4. Sorry to hear you had a shit day… that nurse is a moron and a shitpump…

    She should not have panicked you like that. Told you to come in and get checked, YES- told you that it might be leaking amniotic fluid- NO. And the stress is the most likely reason your BP was so high. Mine does that too. Last time I was at the hosp because of baby-related difficulties my BP was 160/98… see there’s this funny thing about panic- it makes your blood pressure skyrocket!

    Wish I could kick the stupid nurse… gawd… some people’s children!! Take it easy darlin and try to rest.

  5. MEG. Says:

    Minta! Arghhhh!!! This post totally freaked me out! (you’re like, “No shit! How do you think *I* feel? I lived it!”

    I’m so relieved that you and the behbeh are ok.

    Stupid dum-dum nurses. Grrr.

  6. Yo-yo Mama Says:

    I think the word we’re all looking for in regards to the staff that took your BP initially is fucktard.

  7. k Says:

    OMG how scary!!!! I’m so glad it was nothing though I can’t imagine how annoying it must have felt at the time.

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