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Week in Review: 21 May 2, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 6:56 pm

How far along? 21w2d

Maternity clothes? They’re all I got, need more summer tops

Stretch marks? No change

Sleep? Took a turn for the worse this week. Seems I’m always hot or cold. My hips always hurt, except when I’m on my back and of course, I’m not supposed to sleep on my back.

Best moment this week? Feeling big kicks, a lot.

Worst moment? Being sent to L&D for a mistake…

Movement? Lots and lots. Sometimes it feels like Sprout is dancing on my ute.

Food cravings? Still struggling with food. I’m nauseous a lot and food just doesn’t normally appeal. Cereal and 7-layer burritos from Taco Bell are pretty much the only foods that sound good.

Gender? Is still a mystery, had to re-schedule scan because G can’t make it on 5/3. So, 20 week scan is now set for Thursday (which is 21w6d). Not rescheduling again. At this point if I’m the only person there, then so be it.

What I miss? My mind. I used to be fairly intelligent and able to concentrate on things for long periods of time (you know, more than 2 minutes). Those days are behind us. I now spend my time trying to concentrate and wishing I could take a nap.

What I look forward to: Scan on Thursday.

Milestones: Finally gained some weight! If it’s still there on Monday then we’ll consider it real (as opposed to water).

Emotions: Very emotional. Been crying quite a bit. The fear has returned. I made the mistake of reading a couple of still birth blogs of unexplained fetal death between 22 and 32 weeks. Freaked my shit out.

Fuck, I gotta get some work done… Spent Thursday in the hospital and Friday sleeping at my desk and at home with a migraine.


2 Responses to “Week in Review: 21”

  1. Hooray for week 21- you’re still hanging in there and doing great! So glad to hear it!

    I know how you feel about missing being intelligent. Pregnancy brain is killer!!

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    There’s definitely something to this whole baby brain thing… there are moments when I simply lose my words. They’re just gone. I’m turning into my dad… just stopping mid sentence. Crazy!

    And it’s awesome that you knew what a balrog was!

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