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Burnt Out Randomness May 13, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Marriage,Pregnant,The Blah,The Seventh Circle of Hell — arminta @ 8:03 pm

That doesn’t even begin to describe it. I am so tired. So ready to just not have to think for a few days. We have vacation scheduled for week after next, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to go now. I don’t hold it against G, it isn’t his fault he was injured. It just feels like another disappointment. I really need that vacati0n. Really. Really, really.

We see the surgeon in the morning. One more day working from home, hopefully we’ll be able to schedule surgery and get some dates and plans taken care of.

It’s getting hard to ignore my bosses petty attitudes. He says “work from home if you need to” to me, then talks shit about me behind my back… nice. I swear he’s a freaking woman. Monday is not going to be pleasant.

Childbirth class orientation scheduled for Tuesday. Who wants to place a bet on G’s surgeon wanting to schedule surgery for Monday or Tuesday?

In other news… I can feel Lil G kicking all the time. He’s so active. He loves the Black Eyed Peas. Turn on Imma Be or Boom Boom Pow and he goes crazy! We did a test the other night: Imma Be (crazy kicks), Iron Man (nothing), some Justin Bieber song (nothing), some AC/DC song (nothing), I Gotta Feeling (crazy kicks). Not exactly scientific, but I believe the results are accurate.

OK, gotta go watch Community now.

Told ya it was gonna be random. T-totally random, just random, just saying things as they come into my head… Oooh, ooh, there’s a picture of New York, a picture of New York, there’s a big old picture of New York… random. (If you don’t know Flight of the Concords, you must meet them soon.)


2 Responses to “Burnt Out Randomness”

  1. Krystal Says:

    I love Community AND Flight of the Concords! Maybe we’re sisters?

    I hope G gets to feeling better soon, and the whole thing doesn’t suck more than absolutely necessary.

  2. lmao- I know how you feel with the random….


    I really hope G’s hand gets feeling better enough for your vacation! And that they don’t schedule the surgery for Monday or Tuesday.. and that your boss gets a headectomy to remove it from his ass. 😛

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