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Am Boring and Lame and Stressed May 15, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant,The Blah,The Fear,The Seventh Circle of Hell — arminta @ 10:30 pm

I’ve been a little grumpy and negative lately. Sorry ’bout that. Turns out I don’t handle stress very well and hoo-ha am I stressed. You wouldn’t think so, but a whole lot of issues are weighing on me right now… Like what?

  • The hubs’s injury… I’m worried about him. I think he’s pushing himself too hard. I think he’s not taking enough anti-inflammatories. I’m just worried. Not that he won’t make a full recovery, he will. But that the process is going to be overly difficult/painful.
  • Work… Yeah, I hate my job. Well, not my work, or co-workers or clients. Mostly just my boss. Well, I’m kind of burnt out on one client and their insane requests, but mostly it’s my boss. I really want to tell him to go shove it. But, of course, I can’t do that. Need to earn and save as long as I can.
  • Money… really worried about not having my income. I make a good bit of cash. We will struggle and be poor. OK, not POOR, but not where we are today. It is scary.
  • Baby G… starting to worry he will come early. Had some pain after walking Ikea today and for just a few minutes I was afraid it was labor. I just have a feeling he’s coming early. I might be wrong. I probably am wrong, but… still I  Have A Feeling.

I realize this is the same shit I was just whining about. Promise to remove my head from my own ass at some point and write about something of substance. Like baby kicks. Or how I still break into tears when certain songs play on the radio because “fuck I miss my Bean” or how I now think Bean was a girl because was Twilight obsessed and now am Black Eyed Peas obsessed (my boy loves the Fergie-Ferg).

I probably won’t get my head out of my ass.

Don’t count on that.


2 Responses to “Am Boring and Lame and Stressed”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    ((hugs)) and ((more hugs))

    Hang in there, hon! And you’re head is not up your ass… ;0) You are pregnant and stressed and worried. All of that equals TOTALLY NORMAL! Please try not to be so hard on yourself.

  2. Jenn Says:

    Hang in there! I think that is just IKEA. I was in pain by the time I got out and I had to rush through because I thought something was wrong. There’s something in the air in that store I think.

    Ps. Totally okay to be worried about everything… at least I think so. : ) I think it comes with the 2 pretty pink lines on the stick.

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