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Week in Review: 24 May 21, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 5:25 pm

How far along? 24w0d

Maternity clothes? Yowsa, outgrowing some of my tops… Short + Fat + Pregnant = Big Ass Belly

Body Hair? OMG it’s crazy. Growing WAY faster than I am accustomed. Also, right side grows faster now. CRAZY

Sleep? Can I have some, please?

Best moment this week? G getting all emotional about Lil G’s kicks while he was high on the anesthesia

Worst moment? Realizing my baby will have no great-grandparents

Movement? I love when he kicks me so hard my belly jiggles

Food cravings? Popsicles

Gender? Still a boy…

What I miss? Sleep, booze, food, my brain… you know run of the mill 24 week pregnancy stuff

What I look forward to: Washing baby clothes!!!

Milestones: Viability… VIABILITY!!! Obviously, want this little one in for another 12-15 weeks, but the fact that being born today isn’t an automatic death sentence? WHEW!

Emotions: To quote Katy Perry: They’re hot then they’re cold, they’re yes and they’re no, they’re in then they’re out, they’re up and they’re down…


2 Responses to “Week in Review: 24”

  1. omg you are hilarious!! You just made me bust a gut laughing!!

    Hooray for viability!!! You rock!!! omg and I know how you feel about the booze- I would seriously lick a bum off the street to even just TASTE a sip of wine right now… I’m not even kidding!

    btw- washing baby clothes is FUN!! how crazy is THAT???!!! and even with totally unscented laundry soap and no softener- they smell soooo good… ok.. starting to think I’m sleep deprived… also I’ve had to stab myself 3 times today… so I’m all )*&^*&^%$&%$ in the head…

    In summary: you totally rock and I love you! squeeeeeeeeeee 24 weeks!!!

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Yay for 24 weeks! Viability is such a big milestone!

    The short+fat+pregnant totally made me laugh. We made a special trip to one of the bigger cities near us just so that I could get some plus sized maternity clothes, and while I was trying them on, I used that fake baby bump thing just to see… it was hilarious. I swear I looked three inches shorter.

    Hang in there hon! You’re really getting there!

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