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Hey Kids It’s Me June 1, 2010

I bet ya thought that I was dead… OK, all done quoting Billy Madison for the day.

Yeah, so I’m not dead. I feel fine. I want to go for a walk. (I don’t recall promising not to quote Monty Python, though… she’s cheeky today, folks!)

Maybe I don’t feel fine, persay. I do have a wicked sore back. Probably from the six year old knees of Big C digging into it all night long. I have to get that kid out of my bed. Like tonight. He’s too tall and I’m too pregnant.

Backache aside, the depression fog seems to be lifting a little. I’ve been really beating myself up over feeling depressed. Where do I get off? I’m six months pregnant, everything is going swimmingly well (more on that in a bit), my hubs is likely to make a full recovery prior to Lil G’s arrival, I should be on cloud f’ing 9. But… I’m not.

I’m depressed. I’m apathetic. I’m lazy. I want to sleep all day and Peggle all night. I want to quit my job. (OK, that may not be the depression… that may be the crap boss.) Like I said, though, that fog is lifting a little. It took a week of really wallowing in it to get here, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, sorry for being such a shit blog friend and not commenting for like two weeks. I have been reading and cheering. Especially for my favorite bed rest all star! (But also for my other girls, you know who you are!)

I feel bullets coming on… and here they are:

– I PASSED my glucose tolerance test. Suck it Dr. Quack! Had me poking myself 4x a day for NOTHING! (Sorry for being all cocky, but you’ll recall when I was all, shouldn’t we do a challenge to be sure I have the GD GD and Dr. Quack was all “you’re fat, you haz it!” and I was all “nuh uh”… I recall it well, and am now reassured in my choice to switch. Also, am obviously aware that I have no particular control in this issue and can’t will myself to have good sugars, but am pleased that the tests turned out the way they did (for the obvious health reasons) and also that I was right to challenge Dr. Quack.)

– Was told today cervix is closed! And also the hardening in my tum… Braxton Hicks and NORMAL!

– Also was told that whole backache + cramps when walking too much NORMAL (but chill on the walking and drink more water!). Was told to spend more time in the pool/hot tub! Score!

– The pool is open!

– The hot tub was opened this week. Dr. has cleared me at 95 degrees. Dr. has told G it’s safe at 95 degrees (current setting). Yes, yes, yes!!!

– In short Dr. Dubya is happy with progress. Happy with Lil G’s stats, happy with blood pressure (110/80) and happy with weight gain (or rather LACK of weight gain, as I’m still still 3 pounds under my start weight). I’m healthier pregnant than not pregnant!

– I’m happy to be getting my cooch kicked in all day by mah baybee. Kick away baybee, cervix has been declared closed for business!

– Big C was weighed and measure whilst Dr. Dubya sneaked a peak at my cooter and is 4 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 59.6 pounds (off the chart much?). Can we say tall and skinny. (Aunt Minta on the other hand… rocking the 5’2” and 371 pounds…)


One Response to “Hey Kids It’s Me”

  1. Big C sounds like my daughter- bean pole… she’s 4’5″ and 55lbs… unlike her mama… 5’1″ and rocking the 260lbs…

    Sooooo glad you’re still here at 25 weeks… and that everything is going well- would have popped off an email to make sure you were okay if things weren’t so bloody chaotic in the last couple weeks…

    Keep rocking the pregnancy- you are doing awesome!!

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