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Week in Review 27 June 14, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 11:02 am

How far along? 27w3d

Maternity clothes? I was feeling good about my stash, but am now feeling I need a couple more pairs of shorts and some more tops. Seriously, I need to be stopped.

Body Oddities? If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis. Just sayin’

Sleep? Oh the hell I miss sleep. Real, restorative, restful sleep. Come back, my love.

Best moment this week? Lil G kicked a notepad off of my belly during a meeting. Good thing, too, because I was dozing off!

Worst moment? Sugar crash. Bad sugar crash. Almost had to go to the hospital sugar crash. Must remember to eat. Words I never have to say, except when growing a whole other person, and actually need to eat.

Movement? My boy like to party all the time, party all time, party all the tiiime. Except when I’m in the pool.

Food cravings? Watermelon… Carmel chicken from The Cheesecake Factory… Ramen Noodles… BD’s Mongolian Grill… Pretty much anything Asian… Pretty much anything and everything. The appetite has returned. For 3 minutes at a time, before disappearing completely again.

Gender? Still a boy…

What I miss? Sushi and sleep and zzzzzzzzzz………

What I look forward to: Baby shower date set for week after Father’s Day. Getting excited. Going to a boutiquey type store to look at cloth diapers (I’m a nerd). Really strongly debating between the Bummi’s and the GroBaby’s. Oh, yeah and SEEING MAH BAYBEE FINALLY. Can you tell I’m a little atwitter!

Milestones: Eyes can open on their own now…

Emotions: All over the place! Really up, then really down, then really apathetic. Mostly I’ve kind of had a nervous jitter going on… like when the Christmas displays first start coming out in October. Christmas is coming. It’s really coming! It’s still far away, but it’s coming!


One Response to “Week in Review 27”

  1. Lisa Says:

    27.5 weeks already? wholly cow! time is flying on my end but i’m not pregnant yet … so maybe thats why. i hope the remaining 13ish weeks flys by for you and you’re holding your healthy baby boy soon 🙂

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