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The First Big Kick June 21, 2010

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I have mentioned the fact that I have a squirmy baby. I have even tried to get my husband to be patient enough to feel said squirmy moving around. This has ended in a lot of complaints of “I don’t feel anything! Are you sure the baby’s moving or do you just have gas?”

Because I’ve had plenty of gas that physically moves my body… and feels like it’s kicking my ass from the inside out. Yeah, I think by now I can kind of tell the difference.

So, there has been frustration. I’m frustrated that he gives up after 20 seconds of waiting and he’s frustrated that I get to feel all of this movement and he doesn’t.

This all changed on Friday.

As I was getting the C’s ready to go swimming (I love swimming), Lil G went a lil crazy. I think he was trying to kick Little C, probably in retaliation for using his house (aka my belly) as a step up to Minta’s face. Lil G launched a massive, belly shaking kick. Which prompted Little C to look at my belly and say “Baby G hit me!”

This drew the attention of G and Big C.

So, G cautiously placed his hand on my belly for the first time in several days and was promptly treated to a hand moving, belly disfiguring kick. I almost said “Oh my, I’ve got gas” but decided not to screw up his first big kick with sarcasm. He was thoroughly freaked out. He and Big C were instantly full of “eww, did you see her belly move?” and “it was like he’s trying to get out” type comments. Little C? Completely nonplussed. He leaned his back against my belly and watched some TV. When I finally asked if he felt Baby G kicking him he said “mmm hmm” and went back to his show.


3 Responses to “The First Big Kick”

  1. jill Says:

    Sounds like an awesome experience 🙂

  2. Krystal Says:

    That is so super cool! I look forward to that stage in my pregnancy!

  3. jenn Says:

    Super cool! Hub was having the same issue until this weekend. Buddy kept getting all the good kicks. This weekend Jack even ran away from Daddy for the first time. He kept moving his little feet and arms away when Hub tried to feel them. It was awesome.

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