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The Diaper Store June 22, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 1:05 pm

I am planning to cloth diaper.

Please, catch your breath. I promise everything will be alright.

In this day and age very few parents choose to cloth diaper, but I think it’s the right thing. Not because I’m a hippie, tree hugging, planet saving freak. No, I think it’s the right thing to do because it’s cheaper, it’s better for baby and hey if I can do something that’s good for the planet and the baby that’s good, right…

So, back to my original thought… I’m planning to cloth diaper. It turns out that this is a much more complicated decision than it was when my mom was having babies. See when I was a baby it was all prefolds (which were just called “diapers” back then) and plastic pants. This meant a lot of clothes were changed because they were soaked with pee or a poo explosion escaped the pants. Apparently during these ancient times disposable diapers (known as “pampers” back then) were better at containing the mess so that moms (and dads) could go longer without having to change a diaper. So, to recap… 30 years ago the options were prefolds and plastic pants or pampers. Poor people used prefolds, everyone else (except the hippies, and honestly, even some of them) used pampers… or so says my mother.

Now… a magical world of cloth diapering options has opened. There are prefolds and covers (aka Thirsties, Bummis and the like). There are pocket diapers (BumGenius). There are all in ones (GroBaby). And all kinds of hybrids. Additionally, there are sized diapers/covers and one-size fits all models (that come with lots of snaps!). There are plasticy feeling covers and soft feeling covers. There are ENTIRELY TOO MANY OPTIONS!!!!!

As with anything physically touching my baby’s ass I did not want to evaluate these options and spend $300+ without feeling them all for myself. So, I set about finding a diaper store.

Yeah, good luck with that is right! I had to wait for one to OPEN in my area. The store is called samozrejme (which is a Slovak, not Polish, word for “naturally; of course”). Super cool store! I loves it! Not only do they have a great diaper selection, but they have cloth menstrual pads (which I have been using for years, ok, maybe I am a little bit hippie’ish) and Moby Wraps and cool bento style lunch boxes! I could have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Saturday (which probably would have made Allison happy), if I had know some simple things like how big the baby G is going to be! You know, and if I had been sitting on a big ol pile of disposable cash. And, what I will receive for gifts (probably lots of pampers!). Details…

I did end up buying one each of the following: Thirsties Duo Wrap, Thirsties XS and Bum Genius XS diaper covers. I really wanted to buy a Bummis cover, but it had flowers on it and G would not allow it. Apparently no son of his is allowed to wear flowers. The lovely Allison also offered to keep a registry for me! (Which I need to e-mail to her…)

The moral of this story… expect lots of poopy cloth diaper stories in future and if you live within an hour or so of Troy, OH and have hippie tendencies, like me, please check out samozrejme for cool hippie baby care gear.

** I totally am not being paid to promote this store. I just really liked it and it’s part of my cloth diapering experience. **


7 Responses to “The Diaper Store”

  1. I TOTALLY ❤ the flower bummis cover too!! But held off since I don't know if the peanut is packing boy or girl parts yet! I am a bummis mummy for sure though!! Love love love them!!

    And it's ok to be a hippy!! lol… even though cloth diapering is becoming more and more common, there's still so many people that don't understand how much better (and economical) it really is!!

    You'll have to tell me what you think about the bum genius diapers, I considered using them too- but since I can't get them locally, I'd rather hear of someone's firsthand experiences using them before I shell out the expense of having them shipped here!!

    • arminta Says:

      I’ve been practicing diapering a teddy bear this week (yes, I am the dork like that, all of bay G’s stuffed animals are wearing cloth diapers right now…) using the BumGenius. To me it feels kind of like a hybrid of the Thirsties and the Bummi. The Thirsties is really thin and has a plasticy feeling backing. The Bummi is fairly thick, and the backing is soft (as you well know!). The BumGenius has a pocket slot and came with a couple of soakers so it could be used as a pocket diaper, but it still feels thinner than the Bummi cover and the lining is soft (not plasticy). I’m really hoping to get a Bummi cover for comparison, too. We’ll probably get 6-8 newborn sized covers (different brands/styles) then decide on more after the baby is here and we can actually test with real live newborn poo!

  2. jill Says:

    Very cool! I’ve always thought that I would use cloth if I ever have a baby. I used cloth and disposables as a nanny and had no issue with the cloth. That was 10 years ago so the choices and quality have improved I’m sure. Looking forward to hearing your cloth diapering stories 🙂

  3. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I’m fully planning on cloth diapering, but I’m pretty sure we are going with a diaper service. My only big concern is that I have never used cloth diapers before… I’m afraid I’m going to be completely inept. A diaper store would be so helpful… I wish we had one here.

    • arminta Says:

      Wow! I’m surprised that so many of us are cloth diapering!!! Exciting!

      There are lots of good websites, too… Seriously, even though I used cloth in my babysitting days (4 kids within 3 years apart in age, all cloth diapered, at one point all 4 were in diapers!), I have been practicing on stuffed animals and H’s baby dolls. You could always buy a pack of prefolds and order a couple of covers and practice away.

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