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A Baby Shower Story June 27, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 7:06 pm

Well, after 10 years of trying, 6 lost babies and lots and lots of drama, I finally achieved gestating a baby long enough to justify a baby shower. It was pretty awesome.


G’s Aunt C outdid herself decorating the hall! (That’s Aunt C and Uncle P getting the food ready, and H "helping"… notice the Dreft bottle holding the balloons down!)

The cake had the cutest little marzipan baby on top! Also, the cake was pretty tasty.

I can’t bring myself to eat that little marzipan baby, though.

I had lots of little helpers when it was time to open gifts. (That’s Little C off to the right)

This is an awful photo of me. I swear, I don’t normally look like a circus side show fat lady. Well, maybe I do, but I try not to…

One of my friends send a beautiful embroidered blankie and burp cloths. Yes, that is Baby G’s name on the blankie. That is also Little C’s hand feeling how soft the blankie is.


So, there was cake, and games and presents. It was pretty awesome. And, no one gave me pampers.


Now, I have a lot of washing and organizing to do. And an OB appointment to tell you about. Tomorrow.


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