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Contractions** July 9, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant,The Fear — arminta @ 9:30 pm

Well, folks, I been havin’ contractions. Not the up high Braxton-Hicksy ones, either.

Nope I been havin’, the low pressure and pain ones. The ones I expect are “early labor’ish.”

Here’s the thing about me… I typically don’t seek medical attention unless it’s “necessary.” Meaning: I don’t want to bother doctors for nothing then feel foolish for calling in over something normal. *Please note: I am aware that this is lunacy and in fact my doctors are paid well for taking these calls and expect to receive them. This does not change my fear of calling them.*

So, my paper from the OB says to call in if contractions come more frequently than 4 an hour. It does not specify if that means one hour of more than four or if this is experienced for multiple consecutive hours. Which leaves me feeling like since they stop for a couple of hours at a time then pick up at a rate of right about 4 an hour for an hour or two, then stop again, maybe I should not call… It is the weekend afterall.

On the other hand… what if? What if I wait too long and it becomes real labor and they can’t stop it? I’m only 31 weeks. Which is way better than 29, but still I don’t want him to be born so early and have to be in the NICU.

OK… if this keeps up, I’ll call in the morning.

(Watch me do all this worrying, and it’s nothing and I end getting induced at 42 weeks or something… That would be my luck.)

**Called, was told to keep track and if I experienced another hour with five or more go to L&D for an NST. Otherwise he’d check me out on Thursday. **


4 Responses to “Contractions**”

  1. call first- if they are concerned, they’ll have you come in… If not, they may say to keep track of the times/length/intensity and if it gets worse to come in…

    Hope everything’s fine!!

  2. Krystal Says:

    Call your l+d department where you’ll deliver. Probably, they’ll tell you to come in to be monitored. You may well have a UTI. It seems we get A LOT of preggos in with UTI’s that manifest themselves as contractions!

  3. I would call. Honestly, you just never know. The things you are worried about are usually the things that end up being okay, but better safe than sorry.

    I was hospitalized @ 28 wks for bleeding…thought I would deliver then but it ended up being okay and I was put on bed rest…and then ended up delivering at 41 weeks. So yeah, pretty ironic….

  4. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Call silly girl! It’s why they’re there!

    Praying all is well!

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