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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder July 12, 2010

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or, so seems to be the case…

I had a great day with Big C yesterday. We was just like peas and carrots again. Well, except that neither of us particularly care for peas and carrots. We’re more ketchup and french fries type people, Big C and I.

So what happened?

I hadn’t seen him in a week. The last time I saw him was on 7/4, then I took a couple of selfish days (aka, caught up on laundry and cleaned my house, which has, of course, been completely undone since then). Then his mother and my mother took the C’s “camping.” I didn’t even know they were gone until they were on the way back. (Glad somebody got a vacation this year…)

The first thing Big C wanted upon arrival home? Uncle G, of course. But that was totally cool, because Uncle G was fishing and that is their favorite thing to do together. The second thing he wanted? Minta. Specifically, dinner with Minta, a movie with Minta, to play a game with Minta, for Minta to make his snack then for Minta to start his shower (and sit on the toilet while he took his shower to make sure monsters couldn’t get him). It was the good old days again.

So, of course, I took him to our favorite restaurant, then to see a movie. Then I had to do a lot of housework (story coming) while Uncle G made a snack and set up a game. But, I played a game (Simpsons Clue, aka Who Killed Mr. Burns, which is one of our favorites), and made second snack and got him to bed. Speaking of, Hypnobirthing CD’s are awesome for getting kids to go to sleep! He spent all night trying to roll closer to me. So much so, that I didn’t get very good sleep, but that’s OK.

He spent all of dinner telling us tales of Nana not having any patience and their fighting while camping. The only person he asked for at all other than me and G was Little C (odd! he’s usually only too pleased to be away from his brother). It was a good night.


The other tail (not a typ-o, we’re now talking about the evil canines that have taken over my home):

My dogs have lost their damn minds. I seriously NEVER thought I’d EVER entertain the thought of being petless. Especially not after being so upset at losing Mean Kitty. But… I’m entertaining the thought.

My Waldo is quite the elderly gent. He’s 13, which is pretty old for a big dog. In the past year his sight has reduced significantly, his hearing has gone completely and he’s gotten more aggressive. The aggression was getting worse, then I started making the dog’s food (it’s SOOO much cheaper, and healthier and they don’t have any gas on the homemade food), which actually increased the aggression about 10 fold. He actually nipped Big C a couple of weeks ago. (OK, explanation, because had it been solely the dog acting out, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now, Waldo would already be gone… Big C was teasing (teasing, teasing, waving it around, taunting, teasing to the point that if he hadn’t gotten nipped, he’d have gotten punished) Waldo with a hot dog and Waldo nipped him whilst taking the hot dog.) Which regardless of provocation is something he wouldn’t have done a year ago. He steps on my feet nearly constantly, which again is new. Worst of all, he barks at me CONSTANTLY and whenever I’m in the kitchen he nudges at me. As if my only job in the kitchen is to make his food. The barking and the nudging seem to be directly related to my making the dog food. The rest seemed to have been starting as part of his age.

The pug, is just unruly. I truly thought age would settle her down a bit, but no. She is out of control. She jumps on the boys, she tries to hump the boys, she jumps on me, she refuses to go outside, she is a bad dog. I should have trained her better. But, I tried. She is just SO willful and dominate. I’m the only thing she even close to respects and she does not respect me. 75% of the time she’s a sweet little lap dog, but 25% of the time, I want to kill her. If she scratches my baby, I’m afraid I might.

So, there’s that… then there’s a new issue. Waldo has been having “accidents” in the house. For the first time in literally 12 years. Waldo has toileted in the house less than five times since his first birthday. All five directly related to his being ill. Three of the five, diarrhea. Five of the five… in places that were easy for me to clean (i.e. his bed, the bathtub, the tile floor), never until this week has Waldo ever toileted on my carpet. This week, he has both peed and pooped on my carpet. Within an hour from coming in from outside. Emma has never been awesome with the house training (she makes it 19 of 20 days without a mistake, but you can count on a mistake every 3 weeks or so). But, she seems to think Waldo going in the house gives her a license to pee (or poop). This, I cannot deal with. I cannot deal with a hundred pound dog leaving messes in the area where my baby will play and a 20 pound dog deciding that if he can, she can.

I don’t know what to do. Blind, deaf, arthritic, control issues, these are not good things. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m doing the right thing by not giving Waldo a peaceful sleep now, rather than wait until he’s worse off? G will not discuss putting Waldo down, but I am honestly starting to feel it might be the kinder option for him. It would tear me apart to do it, but honestly, how much worse am I supposed to let him get?

One thing I do know? I’m not making their food anymore. It’s not worth the aggression, or time for the cost savings.


One Response to “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I’m glad that things with Big C are going so well, and I’m truly sorry about your pet situation.

    As hard as it is, it might be best to consider giving Waldo a peaceful rest. We had to do that a few years ago with my family dog, Termi. He was going blind, and it was making him very snappish. Something was wrong inside too, he was losing control of his bowells and most often he would stand staring into a corner. It was a difficult choice to make but ultimately it was for the best for him. He wasn’t in pain or scared any more.

    I know that pugs can be pretty stubborn. The little guy we dog sit every now and then started out being a pain in the butt (he’s very spoiled), but what really worked for us was using some of Mi.lan’s techniques. I don’t normally buy into celebrity stuff like that, but he’s got a lot of good information. The ‘no touch, no talk, no eye contact’ has done wonders for how Sunny behaves when he’s with us.

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