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Week in Review 33 July 23, 2010

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How far along? 33w0d

Maternity clothes? Here’s an interesting story… My belly is quite hard, because it’s full of the baby. My ass slid off and narrowed quite a bit (I mean, I’m still a fatty-fatty-fatass, but not a fatty-fatty-fatty-fatass anymore). This means that my 3x maternity bottoms are… too big. BUT my regular bottoms don’t fit, either. As I’m looking at literally less than 6 weeks to go, I feel a bit silly buying smaller maternity clothes.

Body Oddities? It appears that everything except water now gives me the gas.

Sleep? I either sleep like the dead or like a baby (and yes I DO mean up every hour to pee and/or eat and making a lot of noise in between)

Best moment this week? Having an impromptu date with G and giggling like a dating couple at the table over a joke.

Worst moment? Yeah, that would have to be farting in my hubs’ face while we were trying to “get fresh” for the first time in like 2 weeks. I was so embarrassed that I went in the bathroom and cried. (After recovering from my meltdown we did end up getting it on, though… twice!)

Movement? Less, but bigger? He’s not bopping around as much anymore, but he’s making more large dramatic movements. And I can feel very clearly when he has the hiccups now. G got to feel hiccups this week, too.

Food cravings? Chocolate, peanut butter, BD’s Mongolian Grill!!!!! (esp the chili garlic sauce!!!!), watermelon, coke, iced tea, milk, chocolate milk, Spicy Garlic wings from BW3’s… Did I mention I got my appetite back this week?

Rings? Alternatively loose and tight with the water retention, but still slides off easily

Intense Dreams? I have had some crazies this week. I had a very realistic one where I met up with a bunch of people from high school and was feeling really left out and like I didn’t really belong and they all started telling me stories about all the stuff I did with them at school and reminded me that I actually was pretty popular and involved. It was really funny. I woke up and told G about it, and I was telling him about it and telling him the stories that they told me and he kept asking “is that true?” and “did you really do that” and “where was I”? Yes, I really did start a mud fight at the powder puff soccer game, I really did paint a homecoming float, I really did vomit blue Hawaiian Punch all over the main hallway in front of my locker and onto someone else’s books and shoes, I really did sing over a mic’d lead during musical practice once because the director was bitching that “the chorus cannot be heard!”, and I really did forget about it all until this morning. It occurs to me that even though I’ve always felt like an outsider… these people always probably just considered me one of their friends (and by the way we all talk on Facebook, now, they probably still do).

Medical Concerns? Contractions are sometimes getting a little intense.

What I miss? Sleep, dear goodness I miss sleep.

What I look forward to: Honestly, though I do love summer’s heat and carefree feeling… I am so looking forward to the fall. I am craving crisp fall afternoons walking Baby G in his stroller and Sundays full of chili and football (Who Dey, bitches!) and my boys. We have to buy new jerseys this year. Little C is big enough for Big C’s old Palmer jersey, but someone had a Houshmanzadeh (traitorous punk!) last year and that MUST be replaced (as must the Henry jersey, unfortunately), and Big C just needs a new one because he’s so big. Plus, Baby G needs one and I’m thinking Littlest C should probably have one, too. Yes, we are football fans. Yes, I am genuinely this excited about watching my team get their asses kicked (please, not again this year… you guys are better than this!!!) with a big bowl of chili and my peeps. I am truly excited to take Baby G to Uncle P’s house and play with him while shouting Who Dey!!! This is what I’ve been waiting so long for, and it’s so close. Now I’m crying.

Emotional State? I’ve been waxing a wee bit sentimental this week, in case you couldn’t tell. Thinking back on high school friends and getting teary eyed over football games with the baby. Gee whiz, I need to quit being such a pussy! I also need to quit saying stuff like that before it rubs off on the boys and Baby G. I’d certainly hate to hear of Big C socking some kid in the eye, then calling him a pussy for crying (though, honestly, other than the explicative… if the kid deserved it, I’d probably be a little proud, which is probably why I’m having the boy, because let’s face it, I am better with boys…).


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  1. squeeeeeeeeeee!!! you’re getting so close!! won’t be long now! 😛

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