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Where is #4? July 26, 2010

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I stole this from Jill 🙂 I figured I’d keep her title ’cause she stole it from someone else and kept it and honestly, I’m just not feeling too creative this evening. If anyone would like to steal it from me, feel free. Tell me in the comments if you do so I can read your answers.

1) If you could live in any country but the USA, where would you live?
Yikes, that’s a hard one. I’m thinking somewhere tropical… Maybe the Domincan Republic or somewhere along those lines. Honestly, while I’ve vacationed in other countries, I’m not sure I’d want to make a lifelong commitment to another country without trying it out first. That or I’d go somewhere where I have family/roots. Which would be Scotland or Wales. But they are so cold. I am seeing an island theme here…

2) Why did you title your blog “Life, Family and the Pursuit of Sanity”?

Really, is that not obvious? It’s because I blog about my life, my family and attempting to find some sanity in it all. The pug and the family are the most insane of my topics, but of course IF throws a wrench in the sanity plan from time to time, too.
3) How many “in real life” people know about your blog?
My family is aware of it, but doesn’t have the address. My hubs reads it on occasion. I have two other friends who know about it and have the address, I don’t think either of them read it though. I pissed one of them off on here whilst dealing with the loss of Spring Baby and while I didn’t move I don’t think she came back to reading.

5) What kind of clothes do you wear?
Casual. Super casual. I wore khaki shorts and a t-shirt to work today. I used to dress better, but honestly, fat + pregnant = most days. I need to get back on the giving a shit wagon after Baby G is here.

6) What are you having for dinner tonight?
Morrocan Rub Pork Chops with Chickpeas & Greens

I either menu plan obsessively, or not at all. Depending on the week I’m either cooking a gourmet meal, swinging through the grocery with the C’s to pick up something QUICK or we eat out every night. This week I planned and G shopped.
7) Where do you “blog”?
At work or in my living room. Just depends on my mood.
8) Do you like to cook?
My major in college was culinary arts. I LOVE to cook. If it weren’t for the GD RA I’d be a pastry chef right now instead of a programmer. But alas, I hurt myself one too many times because of inflamed joints and changed my course to something safe. But, yes, I love to cook and bake and make new recipes and create garnishes from stuff in the fridge and impress G and Big C with my mad watermelon carving skills. I would LOVE to be able to do cakes again. Maybe after the baby’s born I will…

9) What’s your beverage of choice at night?
I started to say water, but really it’s MILK. I love MILK. Sometimes, I have to admit that I do drink it straight from the jug standing in front of the fridge. If we don’t have milk, then I drink water, but if there’s milk, that’s usually what I drink.

10) What would you most like to know about your fellow bloggers who read this?

Everything. I want to know WHO is reading this.

3 Responses to “Where is #4?”

  1. I’m reading… and maybe just maybe answering… if I get time… and don’t need a nap… lol…

    Love the answers btw! mmmmmmm cake….

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I’m going to do this one in a few days. I’ve got a ton of things to post, but I’m going to hang on to this one. (I may try to come up with a #4)

    It’s too bad that RA made you have to change your direction. I too love to cook, but I don’t think I could do it professionally. The food industry is too unforgiving.

  3. jill Says:

    I’m reading 😉 I’m jealous of your cooking skills – dinner last night sounded delicious!

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