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PIH! August 2, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 11:42 am

That would be Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. FYI… this is a self diagnosis. Methinks my “spells” which prevent me from shopping and being active are actually periods of high blood pressure. Here’s what happens:

– I go out, in the vehicle, I feel fine.

– I walk around a shop or garage sale or my house and within 15 minutes stop feeling fine.

– Within 30 minutes start feeling “I need to go to the hospital.”

  • Hands swell
  • Face gets red & hot
  • I get hot
  • Head starts to hurt
  • I feel dizzy

– I lie down and drink water (as every good pregnant woman should) and within 15 minutes I feel “OK, maybe I don’t need to go to the hospital.”

When I go to the OB’s office my BP is borderline high these days (130’ish over 90’ish). This is much higher than my normal (90’ish over 70’ish), but there is no protein in my urine. When i tell them of these episodes they say “if you feel like crap, lay down and don’t try to do so much.”

My problem with this statement is that I’m not doing very much. I’m literally standing/walking at a SLOW pace for 15-20 minutes.

I’m about to say something shocking. If the Baby G is making me this sick and it’s only going to get worse and there’s nothing the doctors can offer other than “lay down”… if all of that is true, I’m ready for him to be on the outside. It’s not my preference, but I’m pretty miserable right now. I can’t go to the grocery. I can’t shop for him. I can BARELY cook dinner.

Last night I had an episode. My grand total of activity within the last hour before the episode was to cut up 5 potatoes & put them on to boil, sit for 15 minutes while they cooked, drain the potatoes & mash them up with a spoon, pull a chicken out of the oven, sit for 25 minutes & eat dinner then pack up the leftovers. By the end of packing up the left overs I was red, hot, out of breath, had a headache and my hands were like sausages sticking out of hamburgers. I had spent the entire day sitting on my ass. This is ridiculous.

OK, I’m all done bitchin’ because truth be told, I’m not ready for him to be born. I just don’t want to feel like this anymore, either. Gah!


4 Responses to “PIH!”

  1. jill Says:

    Wow that sounds awful 😦 I would bug the doctor about it more. If there’s nothing they can do to treat it, that’s one thing but to have them just brush it aside seems odd.

    • arminta Says:

      Yes, after our class last night (details to come) G was pretty pissed off and wanted to just take me up to L&D without talking to the doctor first. She gave us a list of reasons to call the doctor (as in, if you experience any one of them) and I experience half the list every time I try to go to the grocery (which I haven’t in about 3 weeks). But, when I tell the doc he says “lay down, don’t do so much.”

  2. jenn Says:

    If you happen to be in a store that has a BP machine when you feel like that take your bp… I would bet that it is high… Cause yeah.. been there ignored that … turns out you dont want to ignore that… cause SUCK….

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