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The Hardest one Yet August 4, 2010

Filed under: Grown Up Slam Books — arminta @ 11:33 am

Today’s topic on the 30 Day Blog Journal is my favorite book. That is going to be difficult because, I love literature more than movies and music put together. I read CONSTANTLY. I don’t just read, either, I re-read my books. I have repurchased books because I’ve worn them out reading and re-reading them and still just am not done. I have favorite series’ and favorite authors and favorite genres all of which change with my mood and change my mood. Yes, I’m one of those freaky book people who gets genuinely absorbed into the fantasy world of literature, if the writing’s right. This is probably why I attempt to write.


OK, down to business… Obviously, the Potter books are right up there. If I HAD to choose a favorite Potter, I’d probably go with The Half Blood Prince (#6). I love all of them and there are things that I think are just perfect about each one. But, The Half Blood Prince is literally the first book that ever made me cry. I wept like I lost my best friend and all hope for the future at the end of that book. (Yes, because I am ghey and also a pussy. See, G I call myself a pussy, too…)


But, alas a reader cannot live by Potter alone. (Blasphemy, I know). Other favorites include:






Then there are the Twilight books. The most confusing books on my shelf. The books I love and hate and love to hate and hate to love. They are ridiculous. They are not well written. They are the literary equivalent to Snakes on a Plane. But… we all know how I feel about Snakes on a Plane. So, even though I think they are awful and I do hate them, I also re-read the shit out of those damn Twilight books (I am so ashamed). In case you’re wondering, my favorite is Ecplise. Also, while my heart will always belong to Robert Pattinson (it is pathetic how attractive I find that boy), when it comes to the books, I totally believe that Jacob Black is the healthiest choice of all the boys (& centarians) throwing themselves at this insanely average, whiny, pathetic girl. I hate Bella. Maybe that’s why I read them? I do love to hate Bella.


10 Responses to “The Hardest one Yet”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Aahhh books… my best of friends. I know it’s tough to narrow it down to one title, even one author. I love your choices… Jurrasic Park was the first book that gave me nightmares (the aviary section freaked the hell out of me). I will admit that I enjoyed the Twilight books when I read them, and I did buy them. But I don’t think I will reread them for a long time. I am so vampired out (working in a bookstore does that to you) that I will read just about anything that doesn’t have a vampire or werewolf in it.

    • arminta Says:

      Yes, I can see how the vampires would get very old (see my joke? ’cause vamps don’t age? hahahah), very fast working in a bookstore. They’re getting old for me, just shopping in bookstores 🙂

      Yes, Jurrasic Park was scary when I first read it, too. I was thoroughly freaked out at the level of intelligence he gave the raptors. I plan to read it to Big C when he gets a little older (and less skitsy). I have yet to read a Crichton that I didn’t like, his research was so thorough and his plots so unbelievably believable. If I had to choose an author it would be a HARD choice between him and Rowling.

      I’d love a list of what you’re reading, seeing how you have the inside track…

  2. Allison Says:

    i absolutely love to read as well. I re-read my favorites all the time!!! I have 4 bookshelves stuffed with books and i just donated about 200 of old ones!

  3. jill Says:

    My husband and I listened to State of Fear on CD during our long drive to and from TX (from/back to NY) a couple years ago. It passed the time well 🙂

    • arminta Says:

      Honestly it was a piece of fiction that was entertaining, but really got me to do some research on my own regarding issues of climate and politics. Obviously, it’s fiction, but all of the research was 100% accurate, which really made me respect Crichton even more. He is truly missed.

  4. Krystal Says:

    I liked water for elephants, too! And I SO read the book forever ago before I even heard they were making it into a movie!

    • arminta Says:

      Unfortunately, I cannot say the same (although I wish I could, because it was that good)… I only started it because I heard Robert Pattinson (pretty) was going to play Jacob.

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