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A Very Quotable Post August 5, 2010

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Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Journal is… my favourite quote.

I’m not really a quote person, per say. But… there are two that I love. One has been around my world for a long time. My first supervisor when I moved from kitchen jobs to IT jobs was a woman who had worked her way up to a management position from a sewing position for the company where we worked. She had been there as long as my mother had and basically they had come up kind of together. My mother was the idea man, and Shelly was was action man. Shelly made shit happen (she still makes shit happen). People respected her. I respected her (still do). The thing I respected the most, was there would times when literally 5-6 people would be in line at her desk with “emergencies” and her work and lunch would be sitting there untouched and she helped them all. She didn’t act flustered or frustrated. She didn’t last out at the people for bringing her so much stress. She just did it. Shelly has a quote taped to her monitor right above the screen it reads:

The key to success is to be like the duck. Calm on the surface, but paddling like hell under the water.

That quote had a pretty profound effect on me coming up professionally. It also applied to my personal life as we began treatments and losses and issues with health and IF. I’m not nearly as good at this as Shelly, but I try so hard to stay calm on the surface, at least when it counts.

The second quote is from a movie that I love. Dustin Hoffman & Will Ferrall deliver this scene so perfectly and it really just hit me. The context here is that Harold (Will Ferrall) has learned that he’s going to die and there’s nothing he can do about it, Dr. Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman) has found the silver lining.

Dr. Jules Hilbert: Hell Harold, you could just eat nothing but pancakes if you wanted.
Harold Crick: What is wrong with you? Hey, I don’t want to eat nothing but pancakes, I want to live! I mean, who in their right mind in a choice between pancakes and living chooses pancakes?
Dr. Jules Hilbert: Harold, if you pause to think, you’d realize that that answer is inextricably contingent upon the type of life being led… and, of course, the quality of the pancakes.

Things are now constantly compared to the quality of the pancakes in my house. As in:

– What do you want to do tonight?

– We could go to a movie

– We could have pancakes?

– Would you rather have pancakes than go to a movie?

– Depends on the movie and the quality of the pancakes

– Son of a bitch, I walked right into that one!

That’s not a great example, but trust me this one gets a lot of airtime in our home. So much so that Big C thinks Uncle G’s favorite food is pancakes (it’s not). If you’ve not seen Stranger Than Fiction, really, you must. It’s so quotable and good. I want to watch it right now. Seriously, I fell in love with Will Ferrall (Will Ferrall… very funny, not the typical pretty)watching that movie.

When it comes to movie quotes, though, Talledaga Nights is hands down the most quoted movie in our home. Sometimes, I wonder how we communicated with each other prior to owning this movie on DVD. There’s rarely a day when someone doesn’t hear:

“Someone didn’t love you enough when you were little, did they?” Followed immediately by “Good call”


“That just happened!”


“I really regret opening my mouth and talking to you.”


“I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey!”


“I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew!” (Big C has OBVIOUSLY not seen the movie, but he’s picked this one up from us, and whenever he’s asked what his problem is or what’s the matter with him, he promptly responds “I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew, Minta” which I don’t believe he’s ever tasted, he probably thinks it’s beer)


“I’m too drunk to taste this chicken” (I really need to get Little C on video saying this one, ’cause it’s hilarious!)


“I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence”


“Why, if it isn’t our mangy, transient” mother/father/Nana/Pawpaw/Uncle G


“‘Cause I like to party.” (usually in reference to Little C)


“I know there’s a cougar in the car, I put the cougar in the car” (often substituted like “I know there’s rice in the jambalaya, I put the rice in the jambalaya” or “I know there’s mail on the table, I put the mail on the table”)


“Well if it isn’t Mike Hauncho himself” (in reference to G’s little brother or his bff D)


“Aww Nana, not my prison shank” (said by Uncle G pretty much anytime the boys whine because I’ve taken a homemade weapon from them)


“Put the lid right back on the jar”


“I will not have you two acting like wild shiftless hobo’s!”


“Let’s go get kicked out of an Applebee’s” (or Cracker Barrel, or Friendly’s, or wherever we’re going to eat dinner)

Just by the bye, “If you don’t chew Big Red, then fuck you!”


8 Responses to “A Very Quotable Post”

  1. Krystal Says:

    I love love love Stranger Than Fiction!

    We also quote Will Ferrell ALL THE TIME! “That just happened” is a common phrase in our house. We also quote Anchorman all the time. Recently it’s been a lot of, “It’s SO damn hot! Milk was a bad choice!” lol

    • arminta Says:

      Yes, we are big on the Anchorman, too. Milk was a bad choice is very popular ’round out house as well (really fill-in-the-blank was a bad choice). We also use a lot of “como estan, bitches” and “This is your doctor, I have your pregnancy report, you did it, you’re knocked up” and “why don’t you sit this next play out.”

  2. omg… hahahahahahaaha- Love the duck quote, it’s one of my faves too- and yes, stranger than fiction was FULL of the awesome…

  3. jenn Says:

    HAHA… So glad you pu the I piss excelence comment on there… thats my favorite on from Talladaga Nights…

    I like Life is better when thought of as a scavenger hunt, rather than a suprise party. Jimmy Buffet.

  4. arminta Says:

    When I was leaving work last night, G called and about 5 minutes into our call he said “Well, if it isn’t Mike Hauncho himself, let me call you back…” It was his BFF Dave.

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