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And These are a Few of My Favourite Things August 6, 2010

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Yeah, there will be no mention of rain drops on roses or whiskers on kittens here folks, doh! We are on Day 6 of the 30 Day Blog Journal. I am ridiculously pleased with myself for having not chuffed one, yet. So, today we are listing 20 of our favourite things. I am choosing to narrow “things” down to “not people or animals” otherwise I’d have to use half the list on people and animals and you’d never learn of my love of the avocado (which still may not make the top 20, we’ll see…) and how boring would that be? I think it goes without saying that G, Baby G and the C’s outrank everything on this list.

The list below is in the order that they popped into my head. These aren’t necessarily my top 20 favourite things, just the first 20 that I thought of.

  1. My hot tub – I does love my hot tub. Just knowing that it’s there makes me feel better. I can sit in it and read for HOURS and I do just that when all the forces of my life converge in such a way that I can.
  2. Literature – I love to read. I read everyday. Sometimes I don’t even really mind being constipated, because I can get another chapter in. That’s gross, I’m sorry. It’s still true, I’m just sorry that you got grossed out by it (see my MIL style apologies!).
  3. August Thunderstorms – They are so pretty. I know they are totally “danger” but, that’s kind of part of the appeal. I just love how the air gets all charged up before they hit, then all hell breaks loose with the rain and the wind and thunder and the gorgeous lightening, then everything is calm and the air isn’t thick anymore. They’re just refreshing and beautiful.
  4. Snow – I love to play in the snow and take pictures of the snow and walk in the snow. Not drive in the snow so much, but the world is just a more beautiful place when covered in 4-10 inches of snow.
  5. Vacations near large bodies of water – I am a water girl. I like to drink water, I like to be in the water, I like to be near the water. I feel more complete somehow when there is water nearby. This is why it’s so important to me that the kiddos be able to swim. I plan to have them near/in water a lot. I would love to live on a lake, but for now vacations near the ocean or a lake are wonderful.
  6. Tigers – OK, this isn’t a specific animal, just a family of animals in general… You know what? I made the rules, I can break them! I am fascinated by these highly intelligent, gigantic cats. They don’t act like cats (they enjoy swimming), but they are the definition of cat. We have a wild animal rescue place about 30 minutes from my home and they have an orange tiger and a white tiger (I learned of it this weekend). One of my mom’s IT staff has connections there and after the Baby G has made his grand entrance and I’m feeling better she’s going to take me up there to feed the tigers!!!! Little known fact about Minta… when I was a kid I wanted to be three things when I grew up: a mommy, an animal keeper at the zoo or “a person that studies sharks.” Me thinks this fall is going to be exciting for 6 year old Minta.
  7. Jellyfish – Watching jellyfish float about is the most relaxing thing I can think of. So hoping Nana buys me and the kids Aquarium passes for Christmas! I will haul them down to KY (that’s Kentucky, not the jelly) every week to watch the jellyfish. That’s the kind of thing I do.
  8. Cookbooks – I love to read cookbooks. I probably own 100. I have an entire jelly cupboard full of them. There are maybe 4 that I pull recipes from on a regular basis. But, the rest have inspired the recipes that I make up and I am truly fascinated by them. Who ever thought that mixing butter and sugar and flour  and eggs could be so delicious in so many different ways?
  9. Buttercream Icing – Specifically MY buttercream icing. It is delicious. It will kill you. But, you will be happy when you die.
  10. Shoes – The thing about shoes is, I have fat feet and rheumatoid arthritis. I cannot wear the shoes I covet. This does not make me love them any less. I love, love, love sexy shoes.
  11. The Fall – Yep, the whole season. I love the IDEA of fall, but I also love the REALITY of fall. This is the season when we are the busiest. We go to festivals and farms every weekend. We see animals and pick apples and ride on wagons. We watch football and eat chili. We wear sweaters and enjoy the perfect weather season in Ohio. (That’s right folks, the best time of year to visit the heartland is late September/early October, the weather is perfect for those 3-4 weeks.) We turn off the air and open the windows. We bake! I love the fall. Obviously, this fall we won’t be doing a lot of that stuff. But this fall, we get a baby, and that’s more than a fair trade.
  12. Football – I just grew a little bit of a penis. Yes, I really love football. I love the hype and the atmosphere. I love the excitement of a close game. I really do get a little teary eyed from the excitement when I’m at a big game, or am watching a big game with a crowd (I think homo is the word you’re looking for). I would really love it if my Bengals would start playing to their potential. Who Dey! But, truth be told, I enjoy watching G and the C’s in the backyard just as much as I enjoy watching the Bengals. I even like going out and playing quarterback for them from time to time.
  13. The Internet – Really, truly, I do.
  14. The Chili-Garlic Sauce at BD’s Mongolian Grill – OK, that may have been added by the Baby G. But, as we’re kind of sharing a body right now, I think his additions count. I crave the shit out of this flavor.
  15. Avocados – Hey, they did make it! I could just eat them whole, but they also make the world’s best condiment and can be blended with a banana to make the world’s smoothest ice cream.
  16. My Bed – I have the world’s best bed. It’s huge. It’s comfy. It’s the perfect place for chilling, sleeping, watching a movie, snuggling my hubs, getting frisky, recovering from illness and having a big ol’ family pile on weekend mornings.
  17. Make-up – I don’t wear it very often, as a result of working in a small office with lots of men who just don’t care that much about their own appearance, let alone mine. But, I am really good at doing my make-up and I really like to and I really like how I look made-up.
  18. Sleep – I love to sleep. My dreams are like movies and my bed is so comfy. I wish I could sleep more.
  19. Corrective Eyewear – Honestly, I cannot imagine living in a time before glasses/contacts. I would not be able to survive. I love that for a couple of hundred dollars I can purchase something that when worn on my face takes me from blind to sighted.
  20. Language – Another thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a translator. I actually wanted to be a military translator for a while. Turns out they don’t accept fat girls for those types of positions. But, I do love language. I love how different sounds can mean the same thing to different people. I love how you can change your meaning by slightly changing one word, or the inflection of one word when speaking.

6 Responses to “And These are a Few of My Favourite Things”

  1. Krystal Says:

    This is awesome, Minta! I’m also a Fall-lover AND a football lover! I told Nick awhile back that in my mind, sports-wise, there are 2 seasons: football season and “When’s football season?” lol

  2. jill Says:

    Very interesting list! Do you speak more than one language? I’ve always had an interest in languages as well but I don’t speak anything other than a tiny bit of spanish.

    • arminta Says:

      I understand way more Spanish than I speak and that is mostly small talk and curse words. So, no I’m not fluent in any other languages, but I’d like to be.

  3. wow… some days I think we could be long-lost twins or something… we have a lot of favorites in common and as I read this I kept thinking, “OH!! I love that too!! I totally should have put it on my list!!”

    Especially football! Even though american football isn’t REAL football… and I ain’t talking no soccer either! CFL is where it’s AT baby!! We have bigger balls!!! 😛

    • arminta Says:

      I shall have to check out your list and see what I missed, because I feel the same way about you!

      Also, I don’t just love American Football. I love CFL, soccer and rugby, too. Just love my Bengals the best is all. Since the CFL starts earlier I wish it were televised on regular tv down here because then not football season would be so much shorter!

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