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Something About Which I am OCD August 12, 2010

Filed under: Grown Up Slam Books — arminta @ 9:52 am

Day 12 folks! Almost halfway. I probably won’t be able to finish (details to follow in their own post), but I’m keeping up as long as I can.

I am not very awfully OCD about much of anything. But the laundry is one thing I am nutso over. I have  system, my clothes look and smell good when the system is used and it drives me BONKERS when my system is interrupted.

Also, regarding the TP:


3 Responses to “Something About Which I am OCD”

  1. baaaaaaaaahahahahahh- you’ll learn….

    I have a very specific reason why your TP placement is ohhhh so wrong… it’s because it comes off the roll SOOO much easier when your 3 year old sticks the end of it in the toilet and flushes…

    Ever seen what happens to a toilet with a full-roll STRING of TP flushed down it?? yeah, it’s the kind of mess NO ONE ever wants to deal with. You put the TP under, and it will break off before completely buggering the john and making a huge mess…

    I rest my case!! lmao

    • arminta Says:

      I don’t know, the john getting buggered 2 or 3 times vs daily aggravation? I’m going to have to stick to my original thought on this one…

      Thankfully we can agree to disagree and still love each other 🙂

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    *giggles* I sooooo totally agree! I have no real reason why, but the paper must must must go over the top! 😉

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