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30 Day Blog Journal Catchup August 16, 2010

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You would think with my spending oodles of time on the couch/in bed that I’d be better at not falling behind on this little project. And, yet…

So, let’s go ahead and knock out my three that are due/past due all at once:

– Day 13: Fictional Book… we already covered favorite books, so I’m going to go with what I’m reading right now. I just started this book today:

Day 14: Non fiction book. Gonna have to go with my go to dinner time cookbook. It’s laying at my feet wondering why I don’t love it anymore. But, I do!

Day 15: My dream house… Oh my. I’ve been thinking of this almost as long as I’ve been thinking of becoming a mommy. Literally designing a house on graph paper used to be a family activity when I was younger. One that turned into me building dream homes for my Sims based on plans in books I spent way too much money on. Here’s the scoop on my dream home:

  • I want LAND. Lots and lots of land. We have this dream of owning 20-50 acres and having a big house on it, and inviting family to build as well, creating a little family compound. G & my mother fantasize about this because, you know “the end is near” and we need to pool resources. But, I’ve just always wanted to live in the country and have my kids be able to play with their cousins outside without having to worry too much about them.
  • I do also have the dream of growing a large percent of my families food. It’s crazy, I don’t garden now, but I have dreams of large gardens, small grain fields, goats, chickens and fruit trees.
  • I understand that the standard of living I want is not compatible with me not earning money away from the homestead, so I needs an office.
  • I have actually already picked a plan that I think would be 10 shades of PERFECT for the family/life I envision.
  • Pics:

Yes, that’s a whole lot of land and a whole lot of house, but it’s my completely unrealistic dream that I like to fantasize about…

Day 16: A song that makes me cry. Oh boy… let the flood begin.



Recently (because who doesn’t love Hootie? and Darius Rucker will always be Hootie to me…):

Brings out gut racking sobs… Still asking the same question… Where was he? Six gone and no answers:

Another for my Bean… less than a week from having his brother, this song has me covered in tears for my Bean (well, OK, some of that wetness is breast milk, but mostly tears):

My and G’s D-Day song from the great decision day of July 4th 2009… A lot of the songs on that CD really speak to me, because she was singing about going through a divorce and when I got the CD my marriage was falling apart because I was so depressed over the bullshit of IF/RPL:

OK, must now go listen to Banana Pancakes on repeat until my smile comes back… Wake up from your nap Baby G, momma needs some comfort!


2 Responses to “30 Day Blog Journal Catchup”

  1. Krystal Says:

    I like how we have similar songs. I thought about doing that Darius song, but I just did the 4 I did because they were the first 4 I thought of! Did you take a nap after writing that post? I did! Whew!

    • arminta Says:

      I really wanted to take nap, but I had to go to my ultrasound appt. So I just played Banana Pancakes while I got ready and sucked it up. Then The Fray was on the radio and I broke down again in the car 🙂

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