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Random Updates August 16, 2010

Finally heard from my mother last night. We did talk for about an hour and she is working on Baby G’s curtains right now. So, there’s that.

Still haven’t gotten my paystub for work, so it’s looking like I’m going to have Baby G before I get paid. Which is BULLSHIT. But, again, I’m too concerned with getting baby out safely to fight with them and play their games.

Getting ready to hop in the shower for the pre-induction ultrasound. I haven’t heard otherwise from Dr. W, so it seems that we are still on track for waiting until Wednesday to make the decision. My cheeks are hot, which usually means my BP is up 😦

Feeling pretty funk overall. I did get about two hours worth of work done today. Hopefully it will be enough, because I feel pretty shitty. Not that it matters, because anybody off the street can do what I do… Yes, this was really said to one of my co-workers by my boss who COMPLETELY undervalues the report writing portion of my job. Dick.

G is still being a rockstar. I love that man. He’s been doing such a good job of taking care of us.


One Response to “Random Updates”

  1. jill Says:

    Glad you finally talked to your mom. I’d be upset too that she didn’t call for that long.

    Thinking of you and hoping everything works out for the best with the u/s!

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