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So, When are You Going to Have That Baby? August 16, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant,The Evacuation Plan — arminta @ 11:35 pm

I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I assume I’ll find out Wednesday. I regret even mentioning it to you, now!

OK, I’m being much nicer than that… but, that’s what I want to say. Because it’s driving me crazy that literally everyone I know is just on pins and needles for my baby to get here, so they can come see him just the instant he’s out (or sooner)  regardless of how I feel about it. Who cares if he’s early? He weighs enough, he’ll be fine, they’re tired of waiting!

Yes, he is estimated at nearly 7 pounds right now. Yes, the doctor feels he’ll be just fine. BUT… I’d still rather keep him in until he’s full term. Because, you know, it’s better for HIM.

Also, I’m terrified. This is not new. I’ve been terrified. Obviously, I can’t admit to being terrified, because Hello – I did rather have to take a bunch of drugs and work really hard to get this far, so how dare I have the normal feelings of trepidation coming up to it?

I did get some good advice today, though. “Go to bed when you want and wake up when you want and enjoy clear floater free ice water for the next couple of days. Have a date with G and don’t worry about anything. Spend the next couple of days taking care of you, because you won’t be able to for many years to come.” So, the advice is good, even though it’s scary. But, this is what I’m doing.

Speaking of… G’night everybody!


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