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My Wedding August 18, 2010

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Day 18: My Wedding

I have written on this before, in a wedding themed meme. But, it’s a good story (so thinks, me), so I’ll repeat it.

I have been married twice. I have never been divorced. I have only had one husband. Confused?

G and I decided to get married shortly after I graduated from high school. So, we worked with my parents to arrange a modest wedding. My definition of modest, and my mother’s were completely different. I wanted a church, she wanted to do everything in her house. At the time she and my dad were still married and involved with a home church and didn’t drink. So, of course, a wedding at home meant no alcohol. Which was fine for me, I was only 18, but, it’s a party and at a party you like to serve a little refreshments. Then, G’s mother had to have her say in the affair. Then my mother and G’s mother began to fight over things that were completely irrelevant, because I didn’t like either side. So, I called off the wedding. I told them both that I would have a wedding when I could afford to finance and arrange it for myself because all of their bullshit was sucking the joy from MY DAY.

So, we waited. Then we moved in together. Then we waited some more.

Then, one day we decided that we’d waited long enough and we wanted to married and fuck the family that wanted to steal our joy! So, we called in sick for work, went downtown and got a marriage license. We were unaware of the waiting period between license and actual marriage, but we were young and in love and persistent! We found a justice of the peace who agreed to perform the ceremony but not file the license until the waiting period was up. Hooray!

The next day we got into one of the biggest fights of our relationship and I moved out of the apartment. Then that Monday I called the JoP and asked him not to file the license. He replied “oops.” Apparently we had seemed so sure that he went ahead and filed it early. Also, it appeared that no one questioned it. But, he said that he would get it back. That week our marriage and divorce announcement were run in the paper on the same day! Technically the marriage was “unfiled.”

Then G went to missionary school. When he came back he was racked with guilt regarding our living in sin situation. I was not over the whole dueling mothers wedding conundrum. So, we tried the whole license + JoP song and dance again. This time we scheduled them apart from each other. Also, this time it stuck. We’ve been married ever since.

OK, so the actual story of our wedding is boring, but the lead up is fairly interesting. Or not? Who knows.


2 Responses to “My Wedding”

  1. Krystal Says:

    I must have been asnooze when you told that story, because I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before! It’s such a fun story!

  2. jill Says:

    Very interesting story 🙂

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