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Still Here August 18, 2010

Still pregnant. Which is good.

Here’s the scoop:

– BP down to 149/96. Which is JUST under Dr W’s induce now threshold.

– Fluid is on the low side of normal. Normal being 5-25, mine is 8.5.

– He ordered an AFI (fluid check) and NST for next week, after which I am to come see him.

– He says we are taking this week by week, day by day.

– He is calling game over for any of the following between now and then:

  • Any headache that’s bad enough to take Tylenol and Tylenol does not help.
  • Any gallbladder type pain that takes my breath.
  • Any headache with nausea that doesn’t resolve within an hour of lying down.
  • If my bottom BP number goes over 100 or the top goes over 150 AND the bottom is over 90.

– I lost seven of the eleven pounds that I gained last week. Taking my total gain to 17 pounds.

So, that’s the medical haps.

Also, thank you guys so much for being so kind regarding my meltdown. I really needed some encouragement on that. I literally felt crazy.

In work related news, I still have not received my pay stub. So, I sent a final status on all of my projects and sent my boss an e-mail explaining that I can’t continue to perform work for the company while on medical leave while he was playing these games. I also expressed that I felt his actions were bordering on hostile. I am filing a complaint with the State of Ohio tomorrow. At this point, I’m not worrying about it any more. We transferred the money from savings that we need to pay bills this week and we’ll worry about the rest as we need to later. I hate to bite into our safety net so soon, but when your boss illegally withholds your salary, that’s kind of what the net was there for. I did send e-mails to my co-workers letting them know that I am officially on leave and thanking them for being so supportive.

Well, that is all for now. I am going to go to bed and sleep until I wake up!


One Response to “Still Here”

  1. jill Says:

    So glad to hear you are taking care of the job situation. Sounds like you made some good decisions. I hope your boss just sends you the money so you can be done with that.

    If you’re ticker is correct you are almost 37 weeks! You are doing great 🙂

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