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A Talent of Mine August 19, 2010

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Day 19, still going…

At one point I’d have named something creative as a talent of mine, perhaps playing the cello, or decorating cakes. But, I am most out of practice in both of these pursuits. There was a time I’d have said something work related, like gathering project requirements or formulating complex SQL statements. While I am good at those things, I’m not sure they qualify as a talent, and I’m setting them aside for this new adventure. I hope one day I can say being a mother, as that is something I hope to have a great talent for.

Right now, though… Right now, I’m feeling quite in limbo. Stuck between lives with no ambition or talent to speak of. At least, that’s how I felt all day. I have been pondering this post all day, because I really couldn’t think of “my talent.”

Then G came home. We snuggled and talked and had a good time. Then we started talking about our bodies and health. G made a joke about how if I continued to lose weight while nursing I was going to need a tummy tuck. So, I made a joke about needing to use chip clips to hold back my loose skin, or else Baby G was destined to be an only child. G cracked up. He laughed and laughed and talked about how I should write a stand up routine because I really was that funny. He called me a cross between Rosanne and Katt Williams.

I don’t know if I’m really that funny, or if he was just being overly complimentary because “had a good time” was a euphemism for “had really good sex” and it had been a while since the man had a proper bj. But… I can make my husband laugh, and feel good. So, we’ll go with being a good wife is my talent, and I might also be funny from time to time.


As I write this, I’ve just drained the last of the soda from his cup and placed it back as if it were full… maybe I spoke too soon about being a good wife!


I felt bad about stealing his soda, so I refilled it and put his phone on the charger.


2 Responses to “A Talent of Mine”

  1. Krystal Says:

    ahem…perhaps G would add something else to your “talent” list. hehehe lol seriously, I’m cracking up over here!

    • arminta Says:

      When I told him I was writing about a talent of mine he immediately suggested something more bedroom related, but I thought it would be a bit improper to brag about that! LOL Boys and their priorities!

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