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I Got the Blues August 20, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 10:42 am

OK, I am on doctors orders to “rest as much as possible” and to “lie down with feet up for the majority of the day.” It is unofficial bed rest or modified bed rest. I don’t have to time my showers, and I’m not under order to not get myself a snack/drink. So, it’s not like I really have it all of that tough. I definitely feel bad for those on real no-shit bed rest that have to use a bed pan or bedside potty or be in the hospital.

But, I am me, so I’m going to whine anyway. Because I’m lying here, following doctors orders, wishing like hell I could be cleaning my house. Nothing major, it’s not like my house is “dirty.” Just a little “messy” as happens when life continues on and half of the maid service is confined to rest. The bad thing is, I’m starting to think “I could get up and clean for 30 minutes, it would make a huge difference and no one would know (in time to stop me) and I would feel less stressed, so it would be better than just lying here moaning about it.” And, maybe I could get up and straighten the house for 30 minutes without my BP climbing or anything bad happening. But… that’s a slippery slope.I know me, and I know that 30 minutes of light straightening today will turn into an hour of dusting and straightening tomorrow, which will turn into moving a box and running the sweeper the next day. I will continue to add more until I do hit my limit and stroke out, or you know, just get my pressure too high and wind up in L&D getting a lecture and a pitocin drip.

On the other hand… there’s hair gel on my side table and G’s change jar is on the coffee table and my photo books are EVERYWHERE (Little C loves to look at pictures) and the breast pump box is still on the floor next to my squashy chair and there’s a drill battery charging on the living room floor.

Maybe I should just move back to the bedroom where I can’t see all of this mess. (OK, yes, that really is all that’s out of place and driving me crazy right now, but… as soon as I move it, I’ll see more. I really enjoy a tidy house, which I understand will really need to be brought down a notch when Baby G gets here, maybe this is just practice?)


2 Responses to “I Got the Blues”

  1. jenn Says:

    I know it sucks! But trust me that 30 mins of cleaning landed my butt in L&D… so I know its really hard… but try and ignore the mess… It’s good practice for after your LO comes and you dont have time to clean it up. 🙂

    • arminta Says:

      I did actually get up and get a cake pan from the basement for my sister and put the sheets on the bassinet (since I was up anyway…) and it was too much. I laid my ass right back down. When lying down it’s easy to say “Oh, I could get up and do all this stuff” but then getting up and doing it = mistake…

      So glad for you that little Jack is finally home and doing well 🙂

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