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Week in Review 37 August 20, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 4:42 pm

How far along? 37w0d – FULL TERM!!!!

Maternity clothes? Guess what… when you don’t care about a little poking out in the middle, you can wear so many more clothes! I’m in my normal jammies. Normal, not pregnant jammies.

Body Oddities? Weight goes up…. weight goes down….

Sleep? Eh… it was good while it lasted. Back to tossing and turning and worrying about my fecker boss and his games all night.

Best moment this week? Not getting induced! Oh, wait, I had SEX this week! Yeah, the SEX was better. It wouldn’t have happened without the not getting induced, but still yeah, that was the best moment this week.

Worst moment? Realizing that my boss really is going to continue to withhold my pay for time worked until I get a lawyer and sue his ass. That’s really stressful, especially when you’re 9 months pregnant.

Movement? Lighter, but still there.

Food cravings? I have no appetite. Everything sounds gross. Except mac-n-cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. Even my beloved BD’s made me sick this week.

Rings? With the new hand/face edema being constant, the ring is off

Intense Dreams? I did have some crazy dreams about this house that was full of hidden rooms and it had all kinds of cool stuff in it, but it kept changing and I could never find my way back to the rooms I liked. One of the rooms was a bathroom with a walk in tub that got deeper like a swimming pool and had jets and faucets all around the sides and was really, really cool. And there were like three attics that were not connected to each other.

Medical Concerns? High BP, borderline low amniotic fluid

What I miss? Feeling human, being able to roll over in the bed, sleeping on my back, sleeping, cooking, home cooked meals, wanting to eat, lots of stuff, but it will all be worth it very soon.

What I look forward to: This time next week, but for real this time…

Emotional State? Tired. I don’t really feel stressed anymore. The work stuff is pissing me off, but not really stressing me out, and we pretty much prepped for Wednesday to be the day, so I don’t feel unprepared anymore, either. Just ready. Tired and ready to have this baby and move on to the next chapter.


3 Responses to “Week in Review 37”

  1. jenn Says:

    Suck about that whole boss withholding pay thing. I hope he gets a really itchy infection ; ). So Wednesday huh? you excited yet? This whole mommy thing is unbelievably awesome.

    • arminta Says:

      Thanks! (About wishing him an itchy infection. I’ve been wishing the same thing!)

      It’s looking like Tuesday or Wednesday may be the big day, unless he decides to hold off one more week. But honestly, between my BP and the low’ish fluid and him now being term, I’m ready. There’s no sense waiting for things to get worse and potentially put him at risk.

      I am unbelievably excited! The fear part is starting to wear off and the excited part is starting to take over in full force 🙂

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Ok… I almost choked on my millionth glass of water when I read your “Best Moment”! Congrats on that one! *giggles*

    And I second the hope that your boss gets some really embarassing itchy infection… maybe something with lots of puss too?

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