Life Family and the Pursuit of Sanity

or… adventures in infertility and babies and family drama!

Day 23: A Youtube Video August 23, 2010

Filed under: Grown Up Slam Books — arminta @ 1:17 pm

I only utilize YouTube for free old movies (watched the Twilight Zone on there just last night) or to listen to music/watch videos as there does not appear to be a TV channel for that anymore…

The boys (meaning C’s and G) are addicted to YouTube, though. They think of all kinds of stuff to look up. They watch animal attacks and Bear Grylls clips and Spiderman fighting “insert super hero here” and monkey bites baby and baby bites monkey. Seriously, they watch all kinds of stuff on the YouTube. Uncle G loves to play YouTube DJ and the boys love to lay in the bed and watch whatever he comes up with. Lately I’ve been hearing a whole lot of these two coming from the YouTube:


They are also big fans of a monkey that pees in its own mouth and a shark attack one that I can’t find.


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