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Where I Live August 24, 2010

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I’m thinking posting my address my be a bad thing on this one… Sooo, let me show me show you my home:

Here is the backyard as seen from the patio (yes, that is a six year old shooting a gun… at a target in a wooded area… he’s supervised…)

My wicked messy dining room… Why yes that is Little C’s car seat in the floor. Or as Emma refers to it “Emma’s new bed.” Do you see the giant bottle of tequila on the table? It was a shower gift. I nearly cried. It is obscene how much I love tequila.

I redid the kitchen and dining rooms myself about five years ago. I laid the floor, refinished the cabinets and removed the paneling and painted. I’m still rather impressed with myself when I look at the cabinets.

Here is the Baby G’s crib, which is in his room that is a mess. I have totes full of clothes EVERYWHERE.

But the books and some toys are on a bookshelf. The bassinet will move around (hence the wheels) once he’s here.

My TINY ass bathroom. Seriously, have you ever seen such a small bathroom? or such a cool vinyl shower curtain? I didn’t think so!

My living room, aka rest hq. Please note the haphazard stacking of shit on the bookshelf and also the cup on the floor. I am loving the curtains, though.

Things we have learned about me:

  • My bedroom is too messy to post a picture of, and I am too tired to make my bed.
  • I am on a big blue and brown kick, as evidenced by the bathroom and living room.
  • My baby’s room still does not have curtains. Mother… the Baby G needs curtains…

3 Responses to “Where I Live”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Your home is lovely! And how much do I love that you got tequila as a shower gift! That’s beyond awesome!!!

  2. Krystal Says:

    So cute! And, btw, my bathroom is smaller! Ha!

  3. Very pretty… I am totally into the brown right now too… baby’s room is brown and green- now with PINK thrown in! My living room is all neutral my furniture is chocolate brown with kinda goldeny-taupe curtains… I love brown! And it looks super awesome with blue!!

    I must say I looooooove the kitchen cabinets too!

    Also, I’m certain that my second bath is actually smaller, but it only has a shower and no tub… 😛

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