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Day 26: My Week in Great Detail August 26, 2010

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Thursday Last: Dicked around on Facebook for entirely too long. Did nothing of value. Stewed over work BS. Pondered over my talent. Got laid. Ate pizza. Laughed in bed. Stole G’s soda, felt bad and refilled it. Wrote a blog post about being a good wife, while stealing hub’s soda.

Friday: Dicked around on Facebook, a lot. Rearranged my farm in Farmville. Rearranged my frontier in Frontierville. Pissed and moaned about being bored. Wrote three, count ’em three blog posts. Went out to dinner with G. Felt sick, came home went to bed.

Saturday: Attended my shower at Mother’s. Saw my Mamaw for the first time in AGES. Got tons of awesome gifts. Ate too much. Went to restaurant and ate too much again!

Sunday: G took Big C fishing, so I sorted through the shower gifts and separated the clothes by size and messed up Baby G’s clean room.

Monday: Laid in bed and pissed and moaned about being bored. I am the suck. Cooked dinner. Watched shitty man shows on History channel. Plotted to remove Rick Harrison’s ability to laugh. Pictured Rick Harrison in a variety of wigs, decided he still looks like this guy:

Tuesday: Has already been given in great detail… To sum up: went to dr, found out my cervix is a whore, had sewage fill 1/4 of my basement, called plumber, plumber was awesome, spoke with lady who cleans up shitty basements, decided she was too expensive, cooked dinner, did NOT get laid and am still whining about it, used breast pump to stimulate oxytocin production, spoke with mother then stuck EPO pills up my cooch

Wednesday: Got up early after long night of tossing and turning, made breakfast for G, laid back down, slept ’til noon, called shitty phone company, paid bills, wrote very long blog post, dicked around on Facebook, wrapped gifts for my sister, made a diaper cake for my sister, ate beanies and weenies for dinner because I’m six on the inside, felt bad for G doing all the work in the basement while I feasted on beanies and weenies.

Today: So far… Dealt with phone guy, cleaned up living room from diaper cake making, wrote this blog post, ate PB&J yum!, rediscovered how much I love 90’s punk especially Blink-182 and Sum 41.


One Response to “Day 26: My Week in Great Detail”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Doesn’t sound like a bad week, over all! I’m so flipping excited to meet baby g!

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