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The Days Are Too Short September 6, 2010

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**post was written on 9/4 & never published…**

and, they’re running together 😦 I want to remember everything right now, but I can’t even distinguish last night from Thursday afternoon. Time is divided into “hospital” and “home.” Home has definitely been better.

We did visit the pediatrician yesterday, and things are much improved on the health front. Highlights:

  • His weight is up to 6lb 10oz. Which means he’s gaining about an oz a day. On breast milk! Doc expects no problem returning to bw by 2 weeks!!!!!
  • Doc is very supportive of the breast feeding initiative and is encouraging me to work with him on feeding at the breast, more on this to come.
  • Doc feels his highest jaundice reading was a lab error. He says that it’s easy to get a falsely high bilirubin with a heel stick. He feels it was probably more like 12 than 15 (still high enough to demand lights, but not nearly as worrisome).
  • Doc was very complimentary that we seemed like a happy family and that Baby G seems very content. He’s getting enough to eat, his circ (more on this, too…) is healing perfectly, he is very alert when awake, in all he is doing well. We are doing things right.

OK, now an update on breastfeeding. HE GOT HIS LATCH BACK!!!!!! I had resigned myself to exclusive pumping. I was letting him play with the boob but not expecting anything to come of it, basically, it was just a paci. But night before last while we were waiting for a bottle to warm from the fridge he was fussing a lot and so I thought I’d try giving him a little boob paci to calm him while we waited and he latched. And ate. For 20 minutes!!!! He has only taken two bottles since then. He also has only taken a grand total of 3oz of formula between the hospital and home. He is thriving nearly exclusively on my milk!!! The only true issue we have right now is that my production far outpaces his demand. So the lactation consultant has me pumping for 5 min on each side when I’m letting down but he’s sound asleep. This is plenty to build up a supply in the freezer for later.

Daddy did end up deciding to have him circumcised. I really wasn’t on board with it, but he has his reasons and we did decide it was his decision. I don’t have a penis after all, so I don’t get the locker room comparisons or the need for Daddy’s and sons to mach etc… He had decided against it, but changed his mind at the last minute. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. It’s not good. I still wish it hadn’t been done, but, it really doesn’t seem to bother him.


One Response to “The Days Are Too Short”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Yay for breastfeeding! So glad that you were able to work that out… not that the other system wasn’t working. I hope… pray… that I will be able to bf. The cost of formula alone *shudder*.

    Glad that things are going so well! Enjoy this time…

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