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The Cloth Diapering Project September 27, 2010

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As I mentioned before, I am cloth diapering. Again, not to save the planet, just my wallet (but, if the planet benefits, that’s OK, too). There is an awesome cloth diapering store near my home and I have been up there picking out covers and snappi’s and Moby wraps and the like. This has led me to learn some things:

– Thirsties are cheap AND work really well on my baby. I never got to buy the Bummi’s covers. The store had some issues getting them in, and some of the other covers in that style just didn’t fit Baby G’s skinny little ass (or lack thereof, poor thing, he has really white man’s butt). The other brand I like on him is Fuzzibunz. They are soft inside and don’t leave any red marks but are small enough for his truly tiny backside. I do have a BumGenius 3.0 that I expect will be better when he gets into the 12+ pound range.

– I like old fashioned flat diapers. There are so many ways to fold them! I like the Ro fold and the Origami folds the best. I do have pre-folds, and I do use them, too, but I prefer the flats…

– The extra laundry really isn’t that much. It’s 2-3 loads a week. I do them when I’m down to 2 clean covers. I am also using wash cloths instead of wipes as much as possible so I do sometimes need to wash because I’m out of cloths. Overall I’ve only had one “holy shit we’re out of diapers” experience and it was quickly remedied. I like folding and putting away clean diapers.

– Baby G is so cute in his nappies!

The cloth isn’t as labor intensive as I’d thought it would be, I actually really like it. Amazingly, diapering is going better than feeding, but that’s another post…


2 Responses to “The Cloth Diapering Project”

  1. I KNOW right??!!!

    I am so so so glad that we decided to cloth diaper. I had a couple of bum buckets or something that a friend handed-me-down to me but they were leaky and didn’t fit well at ALL on my mammoth baby. However, because I am in Canada, getting Bummis is ridiculous easy! So I bought the Bummis starter kit and they are AMAZING!! I love my pre-folds and the Bummis covers just fit so nice and are so cute. I love Bum Genius too! And kushies- kushies makes really soft nice cute covers too….

    It’s funny though how so many people have this preconceived notion of cloth diapering being so much more difficult- really, it’s not at ALL. (and I actually can compare because my first was done with disposables). Especially for us, as we live in the boonies and would have to drive 1/2 an hour through construction and hellish traffic in order to get to the store to even BUY diapers… um, I’ll pass thanks! And then having to take out bags and bags of smelly diaper garbage… the diaper genie is convenient yes, but when baby was newborn, we used disposables for the first week- and we were emptying that stupid diaper genie EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! it was a serious pain in the ass!!!

    Hooray for cloth!!

    P.S. I want to nom on Baby G’s toes in the worst way!!! zomg so cute!!!

  2. Candra Says:

    I babysat at one household in the late1980’s that had five young kids 3 in diapers. The mother used old school cloth diapers with pins and rubber pants. I’d transfer each baby from their crib one at a time to the change table and change their diapers and panties. Double diapers for everyone. No prefolds. Toddler wore diapers and rubber pants to bed nighttime making it 4 kids in diapers!

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