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Charlie Brown Irritated Face October 3, 2010

Filed under: Blogging,Crazy Keywords — arminta @ 9:01 pm

That is the top search engine term bringing people to my blog this quarter! Other runners up?

  • bedroom messy – mine too, but usually I try to keep that a secret…
  • bad boobs – no boob is bad! I love boobs!
  • soprano duck – was unaware that ducks had a vocal range
  • horror movies about infertility – I can see it now: hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hee, hee,  hee, hee “It’s 13dpo do you know where you Aunt Flo is? The scariest movie about disappointment and high medical bills, ever made…” ahhhhhhh (that’s a scream)
  • wanting a baby and jealous of other moth – What do moths have to do with this?
  • my clothes are now to tight for me i am – fat. The word you’re seeking is FAT.
  • my ovaries hurt when i poo – I actually remember typing that… Also, it goes away after the follies bust, you’ll be alright.
  • booby juice – Baby’s G’s favorite.

In addition to that lot we have a new category of people who found me on purpose! Which is either good and means I have made n impression on people who forgot to add me to their blog reader… or I got RL people cyber stalking me again. I’m choosing to believe the former…


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