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Time Keeps on Slipping October 14, 2010

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into the future…


Baby G will be six weeks on Saturday. I finally gave up on all of his newborn clothes today. It felt so odd to take the clothes out of his drawer and put them “away.” Where are they going? We have no plans to pursue treatments in future, so there my be no sibling to hand them down to. At the same time, we’re done wasting money on birth control, so I guess there could be a sibling. I don’t want to sell or give them away. But, we don’t need them anymore (for now, but maybe forever). Baby G will never fit back into them.


He will never be that little again. He is getting bigger by the day. He’s almost grown out of his 0-3 month clothing (yes, I waited until he was almost out of the next size up before giving up on the smallest clothes). He’ll be a big boy in no time. It’s so bittersweet. It’s everything I imagined. He’s so perfect. And he’s growing up way too fast (yes, says the mother of a six week old). I know he’s still a baby-baby. I know he’s still tiny and there are years and years ahead of us. But… if the past six weeks could go so quickly, the rest will fly by, too.


OK, in other news:


– My first post baby pap is tomorrow. Yay?

– I’ve lost 56 pounds since having the baby! Yay! I only gained 20 while pregnant!

– Baby G will have his 2 month check up on 10/29. If his diaper covers last, we will plan for moving up then. But, I kind of suspect we’ll need to upsize before then.

– Having a baby is expensive! And, I’m only talking medical bills. I’m getting bills from doctors that I prepaid!

– We still have no routine or schedule at all. Some days we’re up all night and in bed til noon, and the next day we sleep all night and are up by 8.


One Response to “Time Keeps on Slipping”

  1. Eileen Says:

    They grow up WAY too fast don’t they!?!? i have been avoiding pulling the newborn stuff out of the drawers too! Glad I’m not the only one!

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