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The Key to Making Time Fly November 6, 2010

Filed under: Baby G,We're parents? — arminta @ 9:41 pm

I cannot believe he is ten weeks old already!


Ten weeks! Almost three months.


Almost a quarter of a year.


He is a little chunk. Don’t let people tell you that breastfed babies are tiny compared to their formula fed counterparts! My guy was 12.5 pounds even at 8w6d. He’s not that tall, though, only 22.5 inches. He’s going to be short and stocky like his parents it seems (so says our tall, lanky pediatrician).


He is so much fun right now. He loves to be read to. The Cat in the Hat is his favorite. He love, love, loves bath time. He kicks and splashes and has a ball in his tub. He loves to lie in bed with us before night night time. He’ll just lie in bed between us, nursing off and on for an hour before going to sleep for the night. He does not like to sleep alone, not even during the day. I have allowed the dreaded co-sleeping to start. And… I like it.


And… it hasn’t hurt my sex life, because we never did it in the bed, anyway! Yes, we have resumed a sex life. It is so cool/weird/awesome to have sex just because. With no other factor influencing except our desire. Which is up.


Because I have now lost 70 pounds. That’s a 7 and a 0, as in 7 times 10 as in Baby G + Big C. Yowsa! I’m smaller than I’ve been in YEARS. Like 5 years… Maybe more. I only gained 24 during my pregnancy, so a whole freaking lot of that is actual weight loss.


In addition to all of that, I wake up to this every morning… Every morning. I am the happiest girl in blogland tonight.


5 Responses to “The Key to Making Time Fly”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    He is an absolute doll! I love the black and white shots (those fingers and toes are PERFECT!) And you sound soooo happy! I’m so glad for you my friend.

    I’m crossing my fingers for some good weightloss after this wee one makes his/her appearance too. I’m back to my pre-preg weight this week, with three weeks to go. We’ll see how much damage I can do in that little amount of time. LOL

  2. Yo-yo Mama Says:

    I’m sure there’s no shortage of raspberries given out. What a doll!

    Congrats on the continued weight loss. That’s awesome!

  3. deepdreamer Says:

    He is beautiful! You must be so proud of him!
    So happy to hear the “boring” sex life is back. It must be good to have sex again just for sex’s sake! haha!
    You sounds like you’re going GREAT with the weight loss. Well done!!! xxx

  4. jill Says:

    Congratulations on the weightloss! That’s awesome! I hope this isn’t rude but I was just wondering if you are specifically trying to lose the weight or if it’s happening based on bfing and your new “schedule” with a newborn? Just curious.

    Baby G is adorable 🙂

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