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3 Months – Things to Remember December 6, 2010

Filed under: Baby G — arminta @ 1:48 pm

Dear Baby G,

Mommy has pretty much sucked at making regular notes of what you’re up to. Luckily, she has been very good at taking photo’s, so at least we’ll remember what you looked like. But, today as you were going down for your morning nap you were rubbing your eyes, I wanted to remember it forever. Here are some other things you are up to right now at 14w2d old:


– You suck your fingers. You try for the thumb, and sometimes get it, but usually end up sucking your left index finger. You wake me up in the night sucking on it and that’s how I know you’re hungry before you wake up.

– You rarely wake up in the night. I hear you munching and sucking your hands and feed you, but you are mostly still asleep for this.

– You hold onto my finger while you’re eating.

– You smile, a lot. A lot. You have a bashful smile, and a delighted smile and an amused smile and a million other smiles. You love to smile. You are a happy baby.

– You have started acting interested in what Daddy and I are eating. (For the record: It’s disgusting, and you don’t want to try it for like 12 more weeks at  minimum.)

– You make the most adorable face right before you cry. Bottom lip out, cheeks red, eyes squinched, it’s positively adorable.

– You don’t make that face very often, because you don’t cry very often. Although, you had two days last week where you went on long crying jags. It made me feel very grateful that you never were colicky.

– I wish my fingernails grew as quickly as yours. Your hands look like Uncle Chris’s and your feet like Uncle Parker’s.

– You like facing forward in your carriers so you can see the world. Daddy and I try to show you something new every weekend.

– Your head is soft and fuzzy like a peach.

– You mostly wear 6 months clothes right now, but have some 3’s and some 9’s that fit. Carter’s brand fits you best because your torso is long.

– You love to be naked.

– You can sit up in your boppy if you also have a pillow behind you.

– You don’t like to bend at the middle.

– You do like to stand on laps and tables.

– Your favorite toys are your keys, a triangle shaped teether and a monkey with light up cheeks. You do also like your little blue phone and Poo rattle. You like your frog rattle, but you konk yourself in the head with it.

– You love books. Especially Cat in the Hat and Pokey Little Puppy.

– You make the sweetest little sound when you swallow. Half grunt/half sigh.

– You blow spit bubbles.

– You did not get your nap out, and we need to lay back down.


Love you forever,




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