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Big Boy December 14, 2010

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That is a short list of the adjectives I regularly hear describe my baby. My very average sized baby. At his last check up he was heavier than he was long, but both height and weight were well within the norm for his age. His pediatrician kindly pointed out that as his parents were both heavier than they are long, this is to be expected. But, again, he was well within the norm’s for all of his growth measurements. Well within.


That said, yes, he is a solid baby. He is not soft and squishy. He is solid and sturdy and strong. He is a big boy. But he is not fat. He is not even really chunky. He’s got a thigh roll, but that’s about it. He’s not thin, he’s just stocky. Like his Daddy. Actually, he’s got big thighs and little calves like his Daddy, too!


So, I am confused as to why people find it necessary to constantly be on about how big my baby is. He’s not that freaking big! But, every time we see anyone the first thing they say is how big he is, or how big he’s getting, or how chubby he is. Even my freaking doctor (GP) went on about how “chunky” he is. I’m also getting a fair few comments about how I must be making “buttermilk.”


I don’t guess this would bother me if it weren’t for the fact that yes, his growth is directly linked to my milk. As in, if he’s not growing properly my body is failing both of us. If he’s too big then I must be doing something wrong, right? WRONG!!!!! Babies all grow differently and some are big and some are small. And mine is just-fucking-right! But, I do hear “your milk is bad” when people say “your baby is big.” Because I’m a self conscience freak like that. That’s my issue. I’m able to recognize it and shut it down.


Except… when my husband says “Why is the baby so big?” and “I’ve noticed whenever he cries you stick a tit in his mouth.” and the creme de la creme “I just don’t want him to develop diabetes, maybe we should give him formula.”


Of course there’s no point in stating once again that my baby is WELL-FUCKING-WITHIN the norm for his age. I also would be wasting my breath to remind that he sees 2-3 feedings a day at most during the week, maybe one when gets home from work, one before bed and sometimes one in the night. So let’s see… 5-6pm, 8-9pm and 3am. Yes, I am definitely overfeeding the baby. NOT! Also, apparently last night RIGHT BEFORE he started this nonsense perhaps he should have been paying more attention to us and less to the laptop, and he’d have seen me ROCK the crying, overstimulated baby (not stick a tit in his mouth) to get him settled down BEFORE his bedtime feeding. Since there is no point in bringing any of this up, as I’d just be “getting defensive” I guess I just have to wonder how in the hell formula is supposed to prevent the baby developing diabetes?!?!?


Unless what he’s really saying is that there’s something wrong with my milk… So, maybe I’m not being so paranoid after all?


3 Responses to “Big Boy”

  1. jenn Says:

    Theres nothing wring with your milk Minta… Also… The pictures I’ve seen of baby g he looks like a normal baby… he looks like his mommy and daddy… if he were a 30 pound baby then Id be worried… but hes not hes a cutie. also… formula wont prevent chub… or the diabetus… 🙂

  2. jill Says:

    Ugh 😦 It sounds to me like there is nothing wrong at all and you are doing everything right. I know some people just say “oh he’s getting so big” as a generic statement upon seeing a baby but (I know this is a weird comparison) I kind of know how you feel as I feel crappy when someone says my dog is “stocky” or fat – I’m sure it would be much worse if it were about a child. I have no ideas on how to get through to your husband. I’d probably risk sounding defensive and have it out with him.

  3. Allison Says:

    Minta, you’re doing exactly what you should be doing. Your milk is the best thing for him and can prevent all kinds of weight and health issues in the future. He’s growing just fine. Go with your gut. Just nod and smile at “concerned peds” and others…he’ll grow as he needs to with your milk. His body communicates his needs through his saliva to your breast every time he eats. Trust in that. Trust in YOU.

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