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A Tale of Two Poopies January 27, 2011

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I must warn you, if you are all squeemish about poo stories, this is not the post for you. Today has been a shitty day. Literally. But, for real.

It all started when Ladybug showed up with a diaper full of nasty. Which I joked about being my least favorite thing about The Bug, her ability to shame grown men with her foul bowel movements. But, I cleaned her up and all was well.

I nursed Lil G, then they both played together in the jungle while I got Ladybug’s breakfast made. I made homemade applesauce for them both to try because they ate all of my applesauce.

Lil G: Good job my little padawan, my plan is coming together…

Little did I know the dangers of placing Lil G in his Bumbo seat this morning.

I started Ladybug on some oats while the applesauce cooled. (By the way, one apple makes about 5 jars worth of baby applesauce.)

She was not impressed. Mostly because I forgot the apples and cinnamon. Lil G also had some oats. He thought they were excellent, for him to poop on! Or, that’s what I thought he was doing, but it was just tooters. So, I went and got Ladybug’s apples and cinnamon, because I’m baby whipped like that. She ate much better after that. The homemade applesauce was a hit. For Lil G to poop on.

No, really this time. His last proper deuce was dropped on Monday, so when he made the face I knew it was “the one.” I took him to get changed right away, lest it spread (ha!). I left Ladybug in her chair thinking we’d be back in just a minute or three. I knew we were in trouble when I saw the poo coming through his clothes, so I gabbed a blanket to change him on.

There are not words to describe the massive orange pool of gross I found in my sons diaper, clothing and hair (yes, the shape of the bumbo shot it straight up his back and into his hair). The dilemma I faced first was how to get his undershirt off without spreading the poosplosion further. I gave this up as impossible pretty much immediately and went for speed instead. The poop was coming out arm and neck holes, there was no clean spot to grab. I was now poopy, too.

Obviously, this job was too big for wipes and washcloths alone. We headed straight to the tub, where I sprayed the baby down with the hand held shower head. By this time poo had gotten on his jaws/cheeks, ears, hands, and everywhere else. He laughed, and stamped in his poopy water puddle. Then I ran him a proper bath, and washed him up with a washcloth.

The clean up scene, please note look of terror on whale’s face

Were I a better blogger and worse mother I’d’ve gotten the camera right away and snaped pics of my feces covered baby. As it is, I have only the destroyed onsie to show you:

I was too disgusted to get a pic of the inside. Suffice it to say it is completely covered on the inside. What you see is just where it has soaked though.

Once clean, I re-diapered the boy and went to check on poor Ladybug, who has been waiting quietly in her chair. Quiet is not Ladybug’s style, unless…

Whoops! Nanny fail…

I moved her immediately to the bed and loved on her until she was peacefully back asleep.

Then I dressed the boy.

Gee whiz, Mother, don’t you read my blog? I just wore this the other day!

You never know what life with babies is going to bring… Even when it’s nasty, it’s fun.


The Battle for Sleep January 16, 2011

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My baby is not a sleeper. He doesn’t nap much and sleeping at night is a challenge now, too. Mommy is a sleeper. She loves to sleep. So this lack of sleeping on Baby G’s part is well, sad. Now, let me just say upfront, my sleep troubles may be another person’s sleep paradise, so if you’re all “Holy shit, bitch, at least you’re getting sleep in hours not minutes!” I’m so sorry. I know it could be worse, but I think it could be better, too.


OK, Baby G WAS only getting up once there for a while and it was lovely. Then he started getting up twice, then three times, then for about a week he’s been getting up four times a night. Like a newborn. Only he’s 20 weeks old. Which is not a newborn. And also, when he was a newborn he was only getting up 3 times. I don’t have memories of being sleep deprived during the first couple of months (outside of the first couple of days when he wouldn’t sleep in the bassinet). However, as he gets older his sleep is seeming to become more broken. Also, he’s not a napper. I’m lucky if he takes two one hour naps during the day. So, it’s not like he’s reverse cycling, or on a 24 hour schedule or anything.


I have been contemplating giving him a little cereal before bed for the last couple of weeks thinking that the night waking is hunger. G has been adamantly opposed. Which is weird considering that all of his info on the subject of when to start solids came from me. He is worried about Baby G being “so big.” (Which just pisses me right off, because at his 4 month check up, done at 19 weeks, Baby G was 90th percentile for length and 75th percentile for weight, which put him at roughly 35th percentile weight for length, which means he is TALL but not fat, which means he is the GOOD kind of big.) My own hesitations on the cereal front were more to do with whether or not his gut had closed and with the emotional toll of losing one more “baby” thing. I’m having a hard time with each and every step he takes away from being a baby. Plus, all of the breastfeeding books say if you give your baby anything at all other than breast milk before 6 months you are a bad mother and your baby’s intestines will be scarred for life and he’ll be allergic to everything and you failed.


The pediatrician (the very pro breast feeding pediatrician) said “He doesn’t NEED any other food or nutrition until six months (well, except the AAP recommended vitamins), because breast milk is a complete/perfect food, but if he seems hungry and overly interested in your food, there’s no harm in letting him try a little cereal or baby food at this point.” He always stresses the AAP recommended part of the vitamin recommendation, which makes me wonder if he doesn’t fully agree, but doesn’t want to get into trouble…


So, do I listen to the boob nazi’s or my pediatrician? Last night I chose the pediatrician.


Last night my son ate something other than pure mommy milk for the first time. It was cool and heartbreaking. I pumped 2oz of milk and added 1 tbs of baby oatmeal cereal to it. We tried giving it to him on a spoon first. He mostly blew spit bubbles into it and sprayed it back on me. So, I put it in a bottle. He drank it. (After he remembered how to drink from a bottle, because it’s been that long. I can’t believe we used to be exclusive pumpers and now he gets a pumped bottle MAYBE once every 3 weeks! …Mrs. Gamgee…)


Then he nursed to sleep. Because not only do I have a family bed… I let him nurse to sleep if he wants. I’m just breaking all the sleep rules. And I wonder why my son doesn’t sleep!


Then he slept… for 4 hours. Which is an improvement. But, he still got up three times last night. Still an improvement. But not quite the dramatic waking up to the sun “Holy shit we slept all night!” experiencing I was hoping to get in exchange for ruining my sons intestinal tract and immune system for life. Because seriously, shouldn’t lifelong damage come with a good night’s sleep?


One if by Land, Two if by Sea January 2, 2011

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The teeth are coming! The teeth are coming!


Why do teeth remind me of Paul Revere and the British? (I’m sorry sixth grader who found me by Googling “Paul Revere and the British” and received no help with their report…)


So far, like everything else with my miracle boy, the teeth aren’t causing too much of an issue. He’s a little fussier and wakes up a little more often at night, but mostly he’s just chewing like a puppy. And drooling. Gallons of drool. And blowing spit bubbles. I’ve nicknamed him Bubbles. Seriously, bibs are a major part of the wardrobe now, lest the baby freeze and get chest chaffing.


I’m a little surprised that he’s already teething. I didn’t get teeth until after I was a year old. I guess I kind of expected him to get teeth late, too. Because he’s still bald. Really bald. And aren’t babies supposed to get hair before teeth? Not that I’m in rush for him to get either, because so far as I’m concerned, he can stay a baby-baby just as long as he wants. We are not rushing things over here.


Other things going on at 4 months? (Well, 18w1d too be exact…)

– Supported sitting… check.

– Unsupported sitting… for like 10-30 seconds sometimes… check!

– Supported standing… way check.

– Laughing!… check. (Laughing!!!! I love his laugh!)

– Sleeping through the night… NO check. He has slept all the way through the night once or twice. But, it’s definitely not happening on the regular. He WAS down to just waking around 3am. So, he’d sleep from 9p to 3a (6 hours) then from 3:30a to 8a (4.5’ish hours), and I was pretty pleased with this schedule. To me, this was sleeping through the night. But… this is not happening anymore. He is back to waking around 1a and 5a again. I’m not sure if this is teeth or if he’s hungry. Either way, I’m giving him the boob to get him back to sleep. Be looking for posts about the cereal debate.


OK, that’s all I can think of. Later gators.