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No Really This is a New Post March 14, 2011

Filed under: Baby G,Blogging — arminta @ 4:47 pm

No I didn’t forget that I have a blog, why do you ask? I am the suck. Sorry. Actually, I’m not entirely the suck at blogging… just at blogging here. See, I started a much less anonymous blog for the fam that is heavily baby centric. As in, all baby and roses all the time. Well, except when it’s baby and poopy. But, let’s face it, poopy is pretty funny (once it’s cleaned up) and all about baby. Speaking of all about baby, he found his balls. I had no idea they started pawing themselves so young. As soon as the diaper comes off he starts manhandling his junk. Anyhoo, ifin’s you are interested in the day to day goings on of my little masturbater* check us out here.


Also, remember how I was all “Oh hey, I’m totally starting a business.” Yeah, well, I did! It’s working on becoming successful. It’s called Baby Hooked Boutique and right now I’m on Etsy and have a Facebook page and I totally fell for the Twitter trap. I am a shameless self promoting whore (i.e. blogger) so I must now ask that you rush to those pages as well. And like/bookmark them.


Right and we’ve been sick since February 13. So, you know I kind of have an excuse for being so lazy. I have been kicking around some other posts in my head and hope to get them out this week. Who knows, maybe I’m properly back.


* I KNOW he isn’t REALLY masturbating, it’s the same as having found his ears…


2 Responses to “No Really This is a New Post”

  1. jenn Says:

    Hey glad things are alright. Isn’t it funny/ disturbing when they find their junk.

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