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New Ways in Which I Crunch April 17, 2011

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So, despite my constant assertions that I “am NOT a hippie” I keeps proving that in fact I might be a hippie. Or at least am a little crunchy. First there was the whole natural birth thing (hah!) then the breastfeeding, and the cloth diapering and let’s don’t forget the co-sleeping (oh, for heaven’s sake this is not new news! stop gasping every time I say co-sleep!) and now… we are practicing diaper free baby care. I know, right?

{crunch} <- The sound of my granola taking over…

I think “diaper free” may be a BIT of a misnomer. It’s more “less” diapered time or “natural infant hygiene.” One very popular (right, because not diapering your pre-verbal infant is so popular in the developed world these days! I’m hilarious today!) term is EC or elimination communication. So, am I just letting Baby G shit all over my house and wash it away with his pee? Not exactly.

I am letting him poop in his potty though. Yes, I bought him a potty. I’m letting him pee in his potty, too. You know, when I catch it. That said, I actually have been catching some. So, we’re pretty excited about that. I’ll tell you this much, dumping/rinsing a potty chair and wiping a booty is seven shades of easier than changing/rinsing a poopy diaper. Just sayin’

What is the routine, exactly and how the hellz do I know it’s time to try to catch a potty? Well, I have been letting him go around in a prefold (coverless) or completely balls out naked (from the waist down, we live in Ohio, it’s not “naked” weather, yet). This has been letting me get to know his patterns. For instance, the boy drops a deuce half way through brekkie everyday. (Which I already knew because pooping is very obvious from outside the diaper.) But, he also pees about 10 minutes later. (Which I did not know…) Before I just knew that after breakfast his diaper was wet and dirty. He pees like 3 times in 40 minutes when he first gets up in the morning. Again, new info… So, I’m using this info along with his cues (which so far are only obvious for #2’s, he seems to pee without even knowing it himself) to come up with good times to put him on the potty. Today we sat on the potty while Daddy did his biznas (and caught a pee) and during breakfast when he started leaning over the side of his high chair (and caught a poop), so we’ve had a good day so far. Now, he has also pee’d on Daddy today and pee’d in the bed this morning. But we were able to catch those with dirty laundry, so no harm done (and they helped us learn more about his patterns).

*** Now, I feel the need to clarify… this is NOT about potty training, or getting him toilet independent any sooner than he’s ready. It’s just about not having him sitting in pee all day. I have been really grossed out by the concept of diapers for a while and found that this allows us to help him be clean and dry using tools we were going to need eventually anyway. I totally get the convenience of diapers, and am in no way trying to get rid of them completely. Just reduce our dependence on them while keeping him clean and dry and comfortable. I am not coercing him (please try to coerce a 7 month old sometime, not as easy as it sounds…), or making him do anything uncomfortable to him. ***

Have any of you tried this crazy idea of going diaper free (or partially diaper free)? Are you a crunchier or less crunchy mama than you pictured (or do you plan to be a crunchy mama)? Talk to me people!


5 Responses to “New Ways in Which I Crunch”

  1. For the dueces we’ve been freebirding for a while- we don’t always get to a potty, but with her cues, we usually have her diaper-free, even if it’s a case of her squatting over top of a wipe-covered prefold.

    It’s actually been more of a preference thing for the gremlin- she LOATHES being poopy. I think I can count on one hand the number of times we HAVEN’T had the diaper off while she pooped. As for pee, it’s not really something we are concentrating on. I’m pretty crunchy, but also pretty laid back on everything. Or maybe just lazy… either way- I’ve never heard a detraction of elimination communication. It works for some people- and all the power to those who it does work for!!

    • arminta Says:

      Your kid being a clean freak, no?!?!? LOL (I’m remembering your desire to break bed rest to clean the fingerprints off of the fridge πŸ™‚ must have made an impact on the Gremlin…)

      We have been making some catches with prefolds, too. It’s a lot easier than it seemed like it would be. Then again, I’m always up his ass anyway, so it’s not like I’m having to be with him anymore than normal…

  2. jenn Says:

    I am curious about this. But for us there is no way it would work. Jack is a silent but deadly kind of kid. He wont tell you till its over. And the Kid pees 10000 times a day. 3 seconds after a new dipe goes on he pees, sometimes he poops too. I would have to duck tape his tiny bum to the potty. That said, I am intrested in cloth dipes. But we got so many disposables for our shower we still havent bought a single pack, and have a mountain of them in the closet. ( Tough problem huh?) So maybe for the next baby.

    I am crunchier then expected. I make my own baby food. I find that I’m shopping for organic veggies and fruit, and I didn’t really buy into the whole organic thing before. So yeah theres that. I wore him alot when he was smaller and less wiggley too. Maybe mommyhood brings out the granola in all of us.

    • arminta Says:

      Wow… you still haven’t bought diapers? That was a good shower! If you ever do run out out of disposables, look into BumGenius. I am finding that is the cloth brand that is working the best for us. Thirsties Duo diapers are good, too, but I like the BumGenius better…

      I’m the same with the organic foods. I was not into it before (even when pregnant), but am very careful about it now. What kinds of foods are you making? Did you get any special equipment? I use a mini food processor, but sometimes the texture is not quite what I want. Although, he’s able to handle some texture now…

  3. jill Says:

    I’ve always pictured myself as a pretty crunchy parent, though I’m not a crunchy non-parent at all. I don’t think I would go all organic but I would plan to breastfeed, baby-wear, cloth-diaper, and I’ve read about EC and was intrigued. Totally interested if you want to write more about your experience! πŸ™‚

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