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Update of 8 Month Proportions April 24, 2011

Filed under: Baby G — arminta @ 10:08 pm

Graham will be 8 months old on Thursday. Eight. I am in awe of how fast his infancy is FLYING by. And, I’m here. All day everyday. I’m in the moment with him. I can’t even imagine how it must fly for mommies who go to work.

So, what’s going on in the world of G?

– We totally rock the independent sitting. He can sit for a LONG time without falling. Usually he reaches too far for something and ends up on his belly before actually falling.

– Toys are FUN. So fun. The only thing more fun than toys? Mommy’s glasses. And hair.

– Laughing, big ol’ belly laughs. Much cuter than the ones on Youtube. He thinks I am hilarious. And Lil C? He’s funnier than Katt Williams and Will Farrell put together.

– Getting dressed sucks, but he helps. I thought babies didn’t help until closer to a year, but Graham has figured out that it goes faster if he pushes his arm through the sleeve, and he does.

– Crawling? Not so much. By which I mean, not at all. The boy is entirely uninterested. He will roll or scooch to get around, but crawl? no thank you.

– Diapering/EC’ing? We’re still all cloth, when we’re in diapers. We were diaper free for a few days, but I didn’t like my sons package coming in contact with the carpet where the incontinent dog sleeps and my shoes that have outside walk etc… So, now we’re in a coverless prefold or training pants a lot. Except for like since Thursday, because I’m just not committed enough to carry a potty in my trunk and try to EC on the go, yet.

– To quote Big C “I love him so much it makes me almost cry.” (A seven year old boy said that… about a baby! He’s going to be a kick-ass papa one day.)


2 Responses to “Update of 8 Month Proportions”

  1. lol- he sounds a lot like little gremlin- It’s almost like she gets offended when she needs to crawl in order to reach something- scooting on her bum though, that’s ok. Also ok- pointing at object of want and screaming at mom to make it get close enough to be played with.

    I was also kind of surprised by the helping with cloths thing too- even putting arms up to have a shirt removed!! it’s awesome!

    Sounds like you’ve got some sweet young lads!!

  2. jenn Says:

    Jack HATES the idea of crawling like it is from the devil! He’ll hang out on his belly for a few then he screams like okay mother get me up now… this is not as fun as you think.

    Big C is so sweet. Kids come up with the most honest and sweet things. it gets me all squishy. 🙂

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