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Maybe If You Just Relax May 14, 2011

Filed under: Blogging — arminta @ 1:49 am

I’m sure many of you know Jen. She is a rockstar, afterall. And fucking hilarious. And not afraid to do classy things like curse on her blog. I heart her. As I’ve mentioned before, she is why I started blogging. Over the years of reading her blog I have truly began to think of her as a friend.

Which is why I have been completely heartbroken for her since her twin girls were born on 12-29-2010. Itty Bitty Ainsley was born a fiesty fighter and has been in the NICU ever since. She has been through multiple surgeries and is now trached so she can grow and eventually breath on her own. She is beautiful and a drama queen. Hog Baby Evelyn was also beautiful, but she was born still. Lost just hours before the scheduled c-section. I cannot imagine the pain Jen must feel or the strength she must possess to keep on going after all of that. But, she does and I’m sure Miss Olivia plays no small part in her motivation.

Since Ainsley and Evelyn were born I have been wishing that there was something I could DO. Comments are great and all, but seriously, when faced with paying for multiple surgeries and spending HOURS in the car between work, home and NICU it seems like cash or food would be MUCH more appropriate. Which is why I am happy to let you know that some of her IRL friends have set up a fundraiser! Please go here and check out her friend Andrea’s post about The Event. In addition to participating in The Event, I also plan to add a new product to the Baby Hooked Boutique store that all proceeds will go to Jen.


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