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In Better News May 22, 2011

Filed under: Baby G — arminta @ 12:44 am

So, here are some happy things going on right now:

– My husband just got the sound asleep baby out of the crib and brought him to our bed, because he wanted to snuggle him.

– I saved hella cash at Walgreen’s today. I got 3 bottles of body wash and 2 sticks of deodorant for $3.91! Plus, I got back $3 in register rewards! Woot! Woot!

– I have been couponing. Not extremely, but enough to save some cash. I saved $80 last week in grocery and drugstore items. So, yeah, feelin’ pretty snazzy about that!

– Even though my couponing isn’t extreme, I’m lovin’ the shiz out of that show on TLC. Those people are crazy! Really good at getting shit fo’ free but also, crazy pants!

– Saw G’s cousin today. She was very welcoming and let me know that her mother and my MIL did this whole children’s services thing to her, too. In her words “They are crazy bitches, and we’d all be better off without them.”

– Baby G had Indian food today, and he loved it! Especially the saag paneer. My favorite, too!

– Baby G wore sunglasses all day. He got pissed whenever we tried to take them off. He is the coolest kid, evah!

– Do you know what’s cuter than a baby human petting a baby duck?

Yeah, me neither...


2 Responses to “In Better News”

  1. Like the nice upbeat post! Plus I am INSANELY jealous of Indian food …. if only I could find it in the South of France!

  2. Mrs.Gamgee Says:

    still out there, hon? hope all is well

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