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Time She Does Fly July 16, 2011

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Dear Graham,

Mommy can hardly believe you are already ten months old! In just a few short weeks we’ll be having your wicked awesome Cat in the Hat birthday party. You still love Cat in the Hat. You pat the pages when I read it to you and try to turn forward to the part when all the things fall. You also love lift the flap books, but you can’t control your own strength yet, so a few of those books are missing some flaps.


You have another ear ache right now and so I had to take you to the doctor this week. That means he was able to tell me how big you are right now. You weigh 21 pounds and 11 ounces and are 30 inches tall. That means you are taller than 95% of babies your age! Even though you don’t feel super great right now, you are still being happy most of the time. You are waking up more than usual at night, but are able to go back to sleep, which is good. By the way, you do normally still get up once or twice a night to nurse (which is OK because you sleep in bed with Mommy and can pretty much get your own milk if I’m laying on my side) and I think you’d be much happier if you slept straight through the night. Just sayin’ you could try it and see how it goes…


Mommy is amazed at how much you can do right now. You walk all over the place with your push toys. You took one step on your own, but haven’t tried it again since. You can stand for a long time without any help at all, though. You love to crawl through things legs. Like through Leroy’s (your rocking horse) legs or the legs of your activity table or my legs. You also can cruise all around your activity table. You pull up on everything.


But, your mad skills are not just mobility centric! You also have a rapidly expanding vocabulary. You say Mom, Dad, Nana and Colin as if you know those are our names. Today you were mad because I was changing your diaper and you started yelling “Na-na-na-na-na-na-na.” When we were on vacation you got just a little too used to Nana spoiling you, I think 🙂 You say Down every time you fall on your butt (which is kind of a lot, because you’re 10 months old). You say Hi and Bye and wave at people, but usually not until they’re not looking. When Mommy says Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha you say Ha-ha-ha, which is adorable. Mommy has been trying to teach you some basic signs, but she’s pretty inconsistent with it, so you’re not signing anything other than Milk right now.


Speaking of milk, you love to eat. You enjoy all kinds of food. Right now I’m pretty sure you’d trade me for my weight in Cheerios. You also love watermelon, carrots, sweet potatoes, summer squash (which recently beat out sweet potato as the “Shiz of All Food as Decided By Graham”), peas, bacon and fish. You truly love fish. That comes from your Dad. Of course, while you do love your num-nums nothing tops the boobie when you’re tired. Unfortunately, you’ve been using the boobie for bite practice lately. Even though you only have two teeth, that hurts!


OK, it’s almost 1am, so I’m going to go get in bed with you and Daddy-Roo. There was so much more I wanted to tell you, though… You’re ticklish and you have so many expressions and your face completely changes with some expressions.You hate getting a diaper on and you love to poop on the potty. You and Ladybug have games and your own language and you re more like twins than cousins. You are reserved around new people, but are raucous and fun around people with whom you are familiar (just like Mama-roo). You think baby flips are awesome. You give the best sugars. You sugar up me and Daddy and Ladybug and Big C and your toys (esp the horse). You have ninja skills that allow you to get Daddy’s glasses before he knows it. Daddy spoils you something awful, way more than Mommy.


I’m sure I’m forgetting something really important that I wanted to say…


Love you so much, forever and always,




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