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My Baby is a Toddler Now, Commence Confused Crying August 29, 2011

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Today you are one and amazing. Some amazing things about you are:

– You have four teeth.
– You love to say “Ow” then lightly pretend bite me.
– You are a champion stander, bender, toy picker-upper and all other “er’s” involving both feet on the floor.
– You are a talker. Right now everything is “cool.” You say 26 words! Mama wrote them all down!
– You eat pretty much whatever Mama and Daddy are eating. You especially love saag paneer, BBQ pork, noodles and butter and beans. Your love of Cheerios is waning, but your love of bananas is not.
– Even though you eat a lot, you still loves your mommy milks.
– You drink from a sippy with casual coolness. It’s very funny.

– You want me to put food on your fork, so you can pick it off with your fingers and eat it.
– You very recently started sleeping in your own bed. It was your idea. Mama was perfectly content to share hers for another year or two.
– You very recently started sleeping through the night. Yes, when you started sleeping in your own bed. (No need to comment, Aunt Holly!)
– You took to the water like a fish. You loves all manner of wetness, be it bath or pool.
– You pretend wash yourself with your washcloth and brush your own teeth in the tub. Between splashes.
– Seriously, you loves the bath.

– You will walk with a walking toy. Especially Thomas. You love Thomas.
– You also love books. We read every night. Usually “On the Night You Were Born” and “Cat in the Hat” at a minimum. If you’re up for more we’ll through in “Go, Dog, Go” or a little golden/beginner book. We read “Go, Dog, Go” pretty much every afternoon.
– Ladybug is your best friend. You guys love and fight like true brother and sister. You love to give her sugars and she loves to pat you. Unless either of you is holding an Elmo phone, then all bets are off and a war to the death will ensue.
– Big C is your wing man. You love your bubs. You give him sugars and when he’s at school, and on the weekends, sometimes you crawl to the front door and yell “Colin” like you think he’s playing outside.
– You and Ladybug tackle Lil C as a pack. You often take his toys and wrestle him. But, you give him sugars and loves, too 🙂

– You and Ladybug do have very pack-like games that you play together. You chase each other and laugh and you have entire conversations consisting only of the words Da-da and diggle. They are very funny to you.
– You love toys, too. Especially action figures and cars. What a boy! You will sit for a long time and make car noises and drive cars on a table. Living on this busy road has also taught you car crash sounds.
– Other fav toys include balls and blankets (peek-a-boo is the best game ev-ah!) and toy animals.
– And animal flashcards. You can point out a doggy, kitty, chicken and horsey on your cards. All animals are one of these four (which are four of your words). Except lions which are always, without fail, “cool.”
– You can correctly identify animals in real life too, as long as they are one of those four. Goats are doggies, bears are doggies, kangaroos are kitties, raccoons are kitties.

– You like to go to the park, Carriage Hill farm and the petting zoo. You like to eat at restaurants, too.
– You are a nosy little busy body like your daddy. Yesterday at Target you unashamedly pointed at people and said “Cool” and “Oh wow” to them. They thought it was adorable. Because it was.
– You were very sick last winter and spring. A trend I really hope does not repeat itself. ER visits and breathing treatments are no fun for anyone.
– You are not a cry-er, but you scream a blood curdling screech when you are tired and mad and I won’t let you do whatever you want (especially crawl off of the bed!).
– You smile a lot when you’re happy, and a little when you’re tired. Sometimes you want to be mad, but you can’t help smiling. Just like Mama.

I’m sure there is more to be said, but I can’t think of anymore right now and you are asleep, and I think I’m going to sneak in your room and watch you. I love you my sweet boy, my Buddy-Roo-Who.